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  1. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    bird dogger. Couldn't find photos but my machines are much bigger than those. Currently a L3800 and on order L6060
  2. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    bird dogger, What winter fronts do you make?
  3. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    bird dogger, Thanks for the offer. Why ND is only a hop skip and a jump from northern NH so I'll stop by around noon to pick it up..... LOL Thanks again.
  4. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    Thank you everyone for your advice. I have checked on several blowers advertised some listed here and they all seem tobe sold out and none available for 6 weeks. By that time I'll have snow on the ground and a plow on the tractor. Thanks so much again everyone!!!
  5. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    Looking for a 3 PTO CAT 1 leaf blower for my L3800 Thank You.
  6. Iguide

    Nokian Tractor Tires

    Thank You Boakley
  7. Iguide

    Nokian Tractor Tires

    They have the standard tractor tires for Nokian but when asked about the Ground or Forest King they said " what are those".
  8. Iguide

    Nokian Tractor Tires

    Anyone have any idea where you can purchase Nokian Tractor Tires for forestry & construction in the USA?? Like their Ground King or Tractor King tires. Has anyone ever used Nokian Tractor Tires on a Kubota tractor? Thanks Iguide
  9. Iguide

    Thoughts on Grand L6060.

    Had open station for 10 yrs L3800 and have just gotten to the stage where I don't enjoy fighting with the elements any more. Your right in it is each individual needs to determine if it is right for them. I was just wondering what others thought were on the cab (forgot to put that part in...
  10. Iguide

    Why Is Camo More Expensive?

    Mutiple colors cost more to apply than mono colors. Very simple
  11. Iguide

    Thoughts on Grand L6060.

    Are they worth that price and what are you looking at for price?
  12. Iguide

    Do I need the 3rd function with a hydraulic angling snow blade?

    Short answer is yes if you want to easily change angles from left to right while in the seat. I have one Construction attachments. Very well made, very tough. They are tough enough that the advertise they can be used to blade/push dirt if you care to.
  13. Iguide

    Best motor oil to use

    Bulldog is CORRECT. Amsoil outperforms all other oils. There are many very good synthetic oils out there, Rotella, Royal Purple, Lewis, SuperTec by Walmart and even some of the big names are producing good synthetics, Mobil, Castro. However when you look at all facts, wear, fuel consumption...
  14. Iguide

    Category 1 quick hitch top link

    Would anyone know where it is possible to get a Category 1 quick hitch top link similar to a Pat's quick hitch just for the top link. Such as found here at Bare Co. Thank You
  15. Iguide

    L 3200 3 point lift kit or lower lift arms

    Hodges Stabilizers: Great suggestion, however where can you get some? His web site is for sale.
  16. Iguide

    Are Landpride implements worth the extra money?

    I have 2 Landpride implements and have had trouble with both of them. A brush hog that had incomplete welds on the front corners the both split while mowing grass only. When I had the corners rewelded you could see that the corners were just tacked and not fully welded. Also a landscape rake...
  17. Iguide

    Question for L3200HST owners

    Just my .02$. Your problem with the L3800HST and bogging down in mid range rpm is not so much the results of the HP of the L3800 but the HST. I chose a shuttle shift L3800 because of the deficiencies of the HST and do not experience the problem you are referencing. How ever in this day and age...
  18. Iguide

    Parts Diagrams L 3800

    Thanks for the help Mike. I did that last night and got nothing. No idea why.
  19. Iguide

    Parts Diagrams L 3800

    After looking on the Kubota Illustrated Parts List on the Kubota web site I could not find one of the L 3800 or L 3200. If it is there I must be blind. Has anyone found the parts diagrams for the L 3800 there, and if not where can I get a complete Illustrated Parts List/Diagram? I broke...
  20. Iguide

    Choices L3800 DT or L3901 HST

    It really is all about personal preference's. In today's society ease of life is the trend and HST along with automatic transmissions have become the most popular. However that is really irrelevant when choosing what you like. Myself I have had both AT vehicles and HST tractors along with geared...