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  1. 34by151

    BX23S/BT603 Pin Dimensions

    Does anyone have the BH pin dimentions Im manking a quick connect for the BH bucket. If anyone has the bucket dimentions it will save a ton of time removing the bucket and measuring eveything up. The plan is to cut the plates on my CNC plasma and weld it up. I know various companies sell...
  2. 34by151

    Backhoe Thumb Pin

    Does anyone know the size of the locking pin for the thumb on the BX23S (BT603). Was digging out stumps today and managed to loose the pin.
  3. 34by151

    Strange attachments

    Spotted my neighbour today dragging a harrow around the paddock with his BX . Nothing unusual with that but them I spotted his ROPS. He had clamped a bracket on the left side and attached a child seat Round and round he went with the grandson strapped to the Seat on the ROPS. Obvious safety...
  4. 34by151

    BX23S Rear Remote kit

    Just had a call from my orange dealer. They have just fitted the factory rear remote kit to a new BX23S (80 series) and if I wanted to come down and take a look it will be shipping out thu next week. What they said was they used the rear remote kit from the BX2380. Everything fits except for...
  5. 34by151

    BX2380/23S Rear remote kit

    I have the 80 series BX23S and am looking for info on the rear remote kit for the BX2380 I have some pics from other threads of it installed. Im trying to work out what I have to do to install this on the BS23S. I understand the BH frame support prevents this being offerered for the 23S. What...
  6. 34by151

    Ideas/Options for digging gutters

    Here is my problem I have 3 tiers in by gardens above the shed. Each tier has a grass covered road between them. They are angled so the water runs down the road. At each end is an asphalt driveway that runs either side of my shed. the driveway also runs down hill. The garden beds are bordered...
  7. 34by151

    BX23S Bucket Trailer Hitch

    Whipped up a hitch from steel laying around the shop today. The main RHS is 65mm x 65mm x 5mm I can just grab it with the bucket
  8. 34by151

    BX23S Factory 4in1 Bucket

    Was asked for some pics of the Kubota 4 in 4 bucket for the BX23S This is standard fitment in Australia.
  9. 34by151

    BX23S TPL float

    I have an 80 series bx23s-au. This is the Aussie version that comes with a factory 4in1 bucket. Im waiting on a box blade to arrive and wanted to know how I can float the TPL.