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    L175 what is this grease nipple for?

    Hello everyone its been awhile since I was on here especiialy since the sites been nicely updated. Anyways two questions one is that I now have two types of greases I can use for the kubota but theyre different. I currently have the lucas inside the ole L175 but was wondering if this chevron...
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    L175 Radiator Cleaning/Maintenance

    Hello everyone I wanted your input on what radiator fluid I should use in the L175 and also what cap it needs as well since its wearing out, I also need new radiator hoses and have seen a few sites that have those but nust wanted to double check, I went to napa once but they have a universal...
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    What loose bolt is this on my L175 valve cover?

    This bolt was very loose, actually both of them were loose I noticed this one always had some oil buildup while the other didnt. They both were loose and I was wondering if they had to be tightened down?
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    L175 When Using Glow Plugs Burning Smell

    Here's another thread for my L175, so I think something is horribly wrong with the wiring for my kubota since it does not have working lights anymore and this weird glow plug smell and also the key I put in and click 4 times to the right now only goes 2 clicks.... this was for my lights to work...
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    Kubota L175 Wobbly Front Wheels

    Hey everyone my L175 has had this issue since I bought it.... would it mean that I have to replace the wheel bearings for it? Or is there some kind of adjustment that I need to do for the wheel itself? The front right is the worst since it bounces around and does not go straight. I have also...
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    How to properly shift gears in a L175

    Hey everyone I have been recently grinding gears on my L175, and usually in the High speed between gears 2-3-4 and I was wondering maybe I am not doing something right with engaging and disengaging the clutch or am I shifting too slow? Also another thing is that when I activate my PTO should I...
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    L175 Leaking Petcock w Pics

    Hey everyone thanks for helping me out with my previous post, this time I have a issue with my petcock which is dripping fuel all the time and I dont know why. So today I ran into two problems on my petcock part itself. One is that this retainer clip I think im not sure what its name is, broke...
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    L175 Won't Start

    I need some help with my L175 because it won't start, when I turn the main switch once right for engine operation the oil pressure gauge light goes on and the battery gauge does. Then I turn the starter switch right and nothing happens. Please help, I know that it may be connection issues with...
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    L175 Draining Transmission Fluid

    Where are the drain points located at? And also what type of fluid should I use and how much? It's the L175 model.