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  1. RichardAaronlx2610

    What does everyone collect or do for a hobby?

    Always nice to talk to like minded collectors. Does anyone in here collect anything? Toys, Hotwheels, Legos, pez, old tools, ex wives, cars, Rc cars? Let’s see some collections or hotrods and motorcycles Here’s a pic of my Bike and wife
  2. RichardAaronlx2610

    Front end loader short pin/ rattle fix

    For those of you with the short pin problem, or just tired of that constant rattle all the time. This is a simple cheap easy fix. The first pic is a grommet from harbor freight out of their grommet kit. The last four pics are old radiator mounts. A friend of mine came up with that idea...
  3. RichardAaronlx2610

    Rebuilt Kubota front loader bucket

    Boss brought in his badly worn Kubota bucket from plowing his whole neighborhood when it snows lol. I’m not sure why i didnt Take a before picture. But it was worn all the way back to the welds. And the sides were worn off too from rubbing down curbs. I hand Beveled a new cutting edge and...
  4. RichardAaronlx2610

    Weld on backhoe bucket hook

    Welded a hook on my bh77 backhoe bucket today. Works great. Got the hook from
  5. RichardAaronlx2610

    Lx2610 1-1/2” Wheel Spacers

    Installed some inch and a half wheel spacers on my Lx2610 today. Wasn’t too bad of a job. Heated up the old studs with a heat gun and they pretty much came right out. Mine only had 2 studs per wheel and the other 4 were bolts. Took some pictures of the weight of everything. Not sure if...
  6. RichardAaronlx2610

    Home made Category one counterweights

    These started life off as a big counterweight for an old Manitowoc crane, after retiring the crane they got taken off and set aside some 20 something years ago. Some time after that they got cut in half to what you see now and put back out to use yet again. Than after retiring them for a...