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    Impossible to find L185 front wheels?

    I was not looking for anything wheel or tire related when I came across this. I seem to remember trying to find some of these a few years ago and none were to be had.
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    2 or 4 blade bush hog

    Anyone ever try a brush hog with 4 of those big cutter blades? If so did 4 blades chop up the brush better?
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    Anyone try laser edge mower blades?

    I tried to make mower blades that last longer by welding the underside of the blade with various hard face rods. Homogeneous high alloy filler "impact resistant" rod seemed to help some on mower blades. The chromium carbide crystal hard face fillers "abrasion resistant" rod tend to crack, on a...
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    Discontinued L185, L245 steering arm tie rod found

    The manual shows the both steering rod tie rods on the L185DT as being the same. But if your tractor has ever had the steering box replaced it has a small tie rod on the pitman arm end that was discontinued by kubota a long time ago. I'm assuming the replacement steering boxes are all L245 with...
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    L185 and 10si and 12si alternator upgrade wired correctly.

    It may seem difficult because external voltage regulator alternators are a mess to wire but it's super easy to go to an internally regulated one once you remove the unneeded old alternator and voltage regulator wires. To cut out the old alt and regulator you have to rewire the oil light and the...
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    L185 front bumper, hook attachment thing

    Is the front bumper tow hook actually used with any other accessories? I removed mine and found the 5 bolts that hold it on are a bit of an odd size, 12x1.5mm. They got a little rusty so the threads on the bolt were chewed up, so I ordered new stainless replacement flange bolts and a 12x1.5 tap...
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    L185 wheels starting to rust through

    My wheels are starting to rust through around the valve stem. I would rater not wait for the tube to below before I try to find new ones. I could go to a different width wheel just have to keep the same diameter since my tractor has 4wd. Same thing on the backs, but it looks like I have some...
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    L175, L185 rewire

    When I pulled off the control panel to replace the steering box I found some burned wires and rubbed through wires. It's the glow plug wires of course are burned and some others, might have been head light wires. Since I switched over to a GM 12SI alternator I don't need most of the 6 wires...
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    L175, L185, L225, L245 steering box destroyed

    Mostly my fault I guess, only had the tractor less than 3 years and the oil ran out of the steering box, then it got water in it, the water froze and blew out the bottom of the steering box. So check your steering box oil, if it won't hold oil pump it full of grease. If your tractor is out side...
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    Rebuilding my 3 point scraper blade

    I bought a rusty 3 point 6 foot wide blade from the local tractor auction for $40. It was worn, rusted and needed some love. First thing I did was drop the wear blade held on with eight 5/8 inch plow bolts. Most of those snapped off or I had to cut them off. So I built the wear blade back up...
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    Replacement for air

    I have been filling trailer tires with a half and half mix of CO2 and R-404a. After spending $350 for a new tubeless rear tire and a tube replacement on the other tire, just dry rot it looks like, I put my mix in them. The wheels have been back on there for almost a week now and still holding my...
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    ROPS program for old tractors going away

    Now that I got mine there are 2 left for old 185, 175, possibly others. Mine was $203 with sales tax. I don't know if they will no longer be available or if the price is going up.
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    L185 L175 head light mod

    I happened to notice the head lights weren't working. Look at the lights and see the wire is just cut. So I get some wire and power a light directly off the battery, no luck. Upon closet inspection I see they are clearly burned out. Take the bulb out and right away I realize have never seen...
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    L185 oil

    Is there anything special about the transmission oil in the older kubotas? The last guy that had it 6 years and never changed the transmission oils. So I figure it's about due. Does the transmission use ATF, gear oil, tractor transmission oil like what you see in 5gal buckets at tractor supply...
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    Hard facing rod on mower blades

    When I'm using the mower and run over barbed wire or baling wire and it wraps around the blades real good I go back to the garage, lift up the deck and take the blades off and then the wire just falls off. While I have the blades off I usually sharpen them real quick with a flap disc. Then for...
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    Engine block heater

    What engine block heater is used on the old 2 cylinder 700cc engines? When I flush the cooling system during "tractor in the garage season" I figure that would be the best time to install one. Only reason I would use the tractor when it's that cold is when it snows a lot. It also gets down to...
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    Buy or build, back hoe attachment

    I couldn't help but notice back hoe attachments for a 3 point compact tractor run $3,600 to $4,500. I was wondering if anyone thinks it could be worth it to buy the harbor freight towable back hoe and adapt it to a 3 point. The biggest thing lacking is out riggers and a PTO driven hydraulic...
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    Add turbo

    The little L185DT struggles a little in the thin air here. That 18hp you get at sea level is more like 14hp here. I have a VW K03 turbo and a saab intercooler collecting dust. The K03 is pretty big, but I'm sure it could develop a few pounds of boost while running the PTO. The stock K03 is waste...
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    L185DT alternator

    I'm buying my friends L185DT tractor. The only issue with it he has ever mentioned is after the 5 or 6 years he's had it just recently developed a problem where "the starter is killing the battery". He replaced the battery, then the starter and says the new starter is now bad, because it won't...