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    Wanted to trade.. LA402 loader

    Looking for a B4520 backhoe or Woods equivalent. Looking to trade LA402 loader. Loader only, no subframe. Barely used, just sat outside for a few years. Located in Western Massachusetts
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    Older B series backhoe / subframe questions

    I currently own a mid/late 80's B8200HST and I am in the market for a subframe mount backhoe. The 4520 backhoe is the compatible backhoe for my machine, but finding one is impossible. I did some research and found the 4521 subframe kit is the correct one for my tractor and it the parts appear to...
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    B series Sims cab

    Bought this for my B8200, but after several attempts at mounting it, it would not fit well on my older B series unless I chopped it up. To my understanding this will fit B15xx, 17xx, 21xx, 73xx, 74xx, 75xx models. This cab is brand new and near perfect shape. The hardware was missing when I...
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    WTB: Woods rear blade

    Looking for an RB60 or RB72 blade for my B8200.
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    WTB: Backhoe subframe for B8200

    Woods PN#9266 / Kubota kit B4521. I know these are probably near impossible to find, but I figure its worth a shot. The same kit should also fit the B9200 and B2150.
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    B7800 / LA401-402 guys

    I have the opportunity to get a B1616 54" bucket for cheap but I cannot find the pin distance to see if it will match up to my B8200. Is there anyone out there that and give me the pin dimensions lengthwise and height along with pin diameter. Thanks!
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    Odd 3pt issue

    Finally got some 3pt arms installed on my Summer project B8200. I did an ops check on the 3pt aftet the install and to my amazement, the arms would not go down at all. The only way they would.go down is if I stood on them and switched to the down position, but if I got off, then the arms would...
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    WTB 13.6-16 chains

    Anyone have a set they aren't using ?
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    3pt hitch kit

    My B8200 is missing most of the 3pt hitch parts. Does Kubota make an OEM kit for this that won't cost a ton of money ? I know there are some aftermarket kits out there, but I question the quality of them. If anyone can share their experience with aftermarket kits or know of a Kubota OEM kit...
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    B8200 loader + mower deck

    Looking to see if anyone has any knowledge if there is a way look use a belly mount mower deck along with loader mounted. Were there special brackets or anything ?
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    WTB: 3pt lift arms

    My B8200 came was stripped of the rear 3pt lift arms some time ago so I am looking for a set if anyone has some sitting around. I'm weary of the aftermarket arms as I have read many people complaining about the quallity of them.
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    RC-60-82H vs RC-60-92H MMM

    I came across a decent looking 92H mowing deck, but I have a B8200 HST. Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 decks before I pull the trigger.
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    WTB: B8200 grille, side panels, air cleaner rubber band

    Looking for these parts for my B8200 HST.
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    Project: B8200

    Picking up a B8200 locally this week. The tractor has had a relatively easy life aside from being stored outside and being used very infrequently. I was lucky enough to find a gentleman parting out a B8200 with a blown motor and ironically enough, he had a BF300-A loader up for grabs. I made the...
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    Hydraulic block plugs

    Looking for a set of 3 plugs that go into the hydraulic block if the tractor does not have a loader on it. They are extremely cheap, but my dealer said a week to 2 weeks to order which is pathetic. Does anyone have spare set sitting around ? My tractor is a B8200. Thanks!
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    WTB B8200 manuals

    Picking up a B8200 in the next week or so and need some good manuals. I went the Ebay route and most of the available manuals are overpriced reprints. If anyone out there has anything for the B8200/HST and want to unload them, let me know!
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    FS: 3pt 6' York Rake / Post Hole Digger

    Sold my B7200D, now I have my leftovers. Work Saver 3pt hitch post hole digger 12" auger - nice shape 6' York Rake - very heavy duty, nice shape Asking $1000 for both Located in Western Mass
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    FS: Kubota B2650 3pt blower / 18' Cam Superline equipment trailer

    This blower is in very nice shape. Everything turns nice and easily! This will need skids, and a new cutting edge, but those can be fabbed up easily. Asking $950 obo. Here are some pictures of the unit: Also: 18'x7' Cam Superline equipment trailer I barely ever use this trailer so its...
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    Kubota AV6500B portable generator

    Last week I won an auction for an AV6500B generator on Ebay. It was listed from a pretty repuatable seller in running condition but was not putting out any power. The unit was shipped to my friend since I am deployed to the Middle East and he got it up and running and wants to solve the power...
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    Kubota LA302 loader

    I have a near brand new take off LA302 loader from a B7500. This loader was only used a couple times and then removed and stored in a barn as the owner used the machine primarily for mowing. Unfortunately there is no subframe or controls available, but the loader is in pristine brand new...