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    B7500 turf tires

    I have a B7500 with Goodyear 33x12.5-15 turf tires. My tires need to be replaced. The Goodyear’s sell for around $400 each. That prices seems outrageous to me. I’m looking at purchasing a cheap pair of truck mud tires for about $180 each. The mounted diameter of the Goodyear’s is listed at...
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    B7200 vs BX2200

    I currently have a B7200 gear driven with 1640 loader with a 54 inch bucket. I assume my tractor has 1675 hours. Only has 3 digit meter showing 675. I only use it around my house for clearing snow, moving gravel and mulch. I have owned it for 3 years, and only put 45 hours on it. I would...
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    B7200 tires

    I haves B7200 on turf tires, 31x13.5-15. I do not use this tractor for mowing, just loader and rear blade work. I am needing to replace the tires and would like something more aggressive than turf tires. I have been looking online, but haven’t found much in this size. What are my options.
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    B7200 oil leak

    I recently purchased a ‘89 B7200 with a 1640A loader. The tractor has 630 hours, and appears to be in pretty nice shape. However, I have a small hydraulic leak coming from the valve body directly in front of the brake pedal. A photo of the valve body is attached. This appears to be a...