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    Adding fuses to the fuse block for L3901

    Anyone add power to the unused spaces on the fuse block. Or are you adding an accessory fuse block for light and other power add on?
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    L3901 fuse block

    Wanting to add electrical to the tractor (lights, 3rd function valve, etc) can one use the unused open spots in the fuse block? Anyone open the fuse block and add power to those unused spots? Like to keep things neat and dependable
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    Tiller or disc harrow

    If you could have only one which would you choose to work up small 1/2 acre plots of peat dirt. Either would be in the 72” range
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    Who are some of the main Admin or Mods on here? I messaged Mr. K but have not heard back from him. I have a request I would like to run past one of them