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    b7300 rops question

    will the rops bar off an b7300 fit on my b8200hstd . thanks fj55-100
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    backhoe choice

    how do i find out which backhoes would be the right size for my b8200 . I would prefer a factory kubota one but there seems to be a bunch of different ones , and i dont want to buy one that would be too large for the tractor to use . Which ones do some of you use on you similar kubotas . Thanks
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    b8200 rod bearings

    so i am going to overhaull the d950 in my new to me b8200 . and the rod bearing in cylinder 2 is rough . i plan to send the crank out to have it machined . but my question is who do i buy the bearings and gaskets from . i dont have a good dealer near by . can anyone sugest a knowledgeable kubota...
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    b8200d a good buy

    Hi i have a question for the masters, i have a l1500d with a kelley loader that i recentley bought to maintain my 2 acres .old some issues but a good tractor . But i found a b8200d hst with a factory loader for a good price . not knowing anything about tractors is the b8200 better ? . i...
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    fuel in the oil L1500

    total newbey question . I replaced all the hoses on the loader . and went out back to push dirt when it stalled .like it ran out of fuel ,the tank was near empty .and the oil was over full . i had run it 2 nights before with no issues . I replaced the oil added new fuel and it ran fine ...
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    L1500dt 4x4 driveshaft help

    The front driveshaft on my L1500dt has taken out the splines on the yolk that has the u joints . the one that comes off the transfer case , and has made the shaft out of the transfer case in poor condition . I havent been able to find a part number for the shaft yolk or the output shaft from...
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    l1500 injector pump

    Hi . cool forum. my injector pump on my l1500 wont make pressure . i have bleed it many times , i found a small amount of debri under the outlet . but still wont pump . the engine is a z750 . I found a pump that looks the same but the part number is off by one digit . mine is listed as a...