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    L3400 FEL side mount custom build

    What brand and model is the blue tractor? I like what I think is the self leveling function with the second bar above the loader arms. I have thought about making such a thing for my LA525. I believe there is a mod for I think is a 534 loader. bill
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    Fixing thread for hydrolic filter B7000

    Yes I see that after I posted and looked up some info. I used to work in industry and we had a lot german machinery with din plumbing. We had a lot of the right taps but often it was a drain plug that was messed up like this job. sometimes a rush to get it back up and running and we would do...
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    Fixing thread for hydrolic filter B7000

    I might be out in left field on this but isn't 3/4 npt 3/4-14? If it is and the same od would you be able to chase the thread carefully with a pipe tap? the taper might actually make it easier to start straight. I am working from memory here and was thinking 3/4 pipe is about an inch and an...
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    as requested, SSQASPSBversion1.0

    That is quite a nice unit Jay! Definitely got me thinking about what I could do here. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Bill
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    Seat interlock bypass

    My L2501 has a similar switch to the one pictured and was a little sensitive for me when I tried to lean forward to see the forks. I put a short piece of 1/4" id air hose on it and that was enough to push it down a bit more so I haven't had it happen all summer. bill
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    Early BX2200 with LA211 FEL - loader hoses messed up

    Nice job on the cab! Bill
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    B2410 Rear Hydraulics install

    Nice job on the install details! Bill
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    The Best Three-point add-on for your tractor could use Carry-All.

    I have a homemade one from 2" box tubing tapered on the points. It is always on the 8N and used for moving firewood on skids. Like you I use it for everything on skids stones bags of concrete, second tire set for truck etc. I store my firewood skids on metal roofing on the ground and covering...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Is that a manufactured cab or your own design? I like it! Bill
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    Snow plow suggestions needed for L3560

    I have a dearborn plow on my 8N that I converted to hydraulic lift and angle. They were mounted and raised with a crude cable mount. I altered the original and made a mount at the transmission it pushes and pivots from. I originally did it with a electric/hydraulic unit I bought I think from...
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    Front Snowblower Install Steps

    The 2 sliding portions of the shaft will have to have their side of the universals on the same plane. I don't have this machine but it is the same with all your rear pto shafts too. So if they don't go together one way turning one end 180 should then get you to the "key" in the spline and...
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    Do I have to junk my beloved B2800 D?

    Yes I did update that when I changed to 12 volt adding a gm alternator. Those things made it a sure starter in the winter here in upstate new york. A couple years ago I did a valve job replacing all of them. An old mechanic local to me came and ground the valves for me with one of those, I...
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    Mixing Oil Brands

    Sounds like what i posted a couple weeks ago is getting worse. My son who drives a lot for work is trying to get a couple changes stocked ahead and finding his favorite is short too. It must be in some areas more than others maybe because of trucking, because here in NY napa and advance auto...
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    Do I have to junk my beloved B2800 D?

    It was a bit of work but I put one of those on my 1950 8n. What a difference with the arthritic shoulders! Got the control from the guy on ebay. I still have the 8n for snow plowing and firewood. Bill
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    This is a good thing

    And I'm hoping we in NY win ours that is waiting on the Supreme Court!
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    Getting additional traction

    I have the same machine with the rear tires loaded. I find in the woods it always needs the 4 wheel in. Are you sure you are getting yours engaged? Bill
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    Snow plow suggestions needed for L3560

    Do you have any pictures of yours? I have one from a garden tractor I have thought about powering with a hydraulic motor but a gas engine would be doable too. thanks in advance if you do, Bill
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    My failed wood chipper project

    That sounds interesting! I have a couple walk behinds but no tractor mount. Bill
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    Hydraulic Top Link L3301

    I was reading the specs, isn't it that 4.63" difference in several places and in the overall length of the 2 both closed and extended? How does that extended number compare to the top link you have now? I don't have one of these but know my L2501 came with a top link for a different model I...
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    Modding old gas log splitter to new BX23S

    I would have to agree after going back and looking. That doesn't look like it has had much use. Bill