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    Wanted: Kubota FEL Model L480

    Wanted FEL for Kubota L3010. Or any of the following tractors, L2900, L3130, L3410 or L3300. Located in Southern, Wi.
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    Wanted - Front End Loader for L3010 Kubota

    Recently purchased a slightly used Kubota L3010 and am looking for a Front End Loader. Any suggestions on the best place to find one? Thanks
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    What do I look for while purchasing a used B8200?

    I have small barn which I will demolish this summer and recently found a well used B8200 Kubota with a bucket and backhoe which could be useful for loading material into a dumpster, moving small trees (under 2" diameter), etc.. The tractor looks worn, but everything works on it and there are no...