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    Cell phone providers

    Been using Tracfone for 10 years. Pay as I go for what i want, when I want it. For two phones (wife's & mine), our monthly cost averages $40. On road trips, I use mine as a Hotspot and link a tablet and use the map app. Works great.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Wondering if hand is holding her up...or feeling her up!
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    Daily Chuckle

    Where is the Kahuna bag?!
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    Daily Chuckle

    Where is the Kahuna bag?!
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    B2650 owners, a question

    Look like washers used with some canopy bolts.
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    Pallet fork width adjustment

    I have this set of forks....just not in front of me at the moment As I recall, to install forks onto the frame, there is a notch dead center. So one could slide them touching together, although technically each fork would not be fully engaged due to being partway in the notch. Now, for...
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    Nokian Tractor Tires

    Cannot help in your search. But will say Nokian passenger car & LT truck tires are the best kept secret in the US. Reasonable cost, great traction, good ride and wear like iron. I daresay very near Michelin quality.
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    Do you name your equipment?

    Me too. For the record...Joe and the twins.
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    B7500 Instrument Panel Circuits Oxidation Help

    Clean pins in the connector with white vinegar. Submerging works best, but brushing will work too. Rinse with water. Applying thin film of dielectric grease will proect them from futher corrosion.
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    Automatic fromt quick attach

    Be interested in seeing some photos of that setup.
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    Stump Bucket

    I have an L3301, and purchased the Titan Attachments one for about $325 shipped. Has paid for itself several times in the 2 yrs of owning it. A bit of experimenting with technique is needed to prevent tearing up bucket or tractor. On large stumps, I dig several feet around to break the roots...
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    Cool PTO spline cover

    Certainly an expensive cover considering original contents!
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    Soffit Mystery

    Given the low roof pitch, it would be difficult to actually climb into the attic. Plus, why so many access points to service the mechanicals? My guess, the present soffit was installed at later time. Those access portals were an easy way to add insulation from the exteror. Interesting they...
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    another obsession

    About 20 yrs ago I traded a complete non-working Horizon S-100 w/ a Hazeltine 1410 terminal for 3 Kaypro portables (2 working, 1 inop). Traded those for a complete working IBM AT, which I still have. Wish I still had that Horizon!
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    another obsession

    I still have a Commodore Vic20 & 64!
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    Parts for G4200/5200/6200 mower

    Let me clearly state up front, I do not have any parts for sale. I am putting this out there for members in the southern IL & greater St. Louis area that might be searching for parts for this series of mower. I have commited to purchase some parts from a fellow in OH, with plans to pickup in...
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    Buying L2501 -height clearance in garage

    My 3301 w/ R4's & ROPS up and a canopy installed fits under an 8' door with less than 2" to spare. Will add that I had to adjust limits on the opener to make sure door cleared header when fully open.
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    Painting dashboard kubota

    Having painted many interior plastic pieces of my truck (dash, vents, door panels), I used a plastic primer/bonding prep. Results were outstanding, and have held up very well for almost 10 yrs. Did same on the plastic grill & mud flaps. Paint adhered very well, but as expected the rock...
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    l2501DT diff lock

    Necessity is the the mother of inventions. A photo of end product be nice to see. Sounds like you might have the only drift-modded Kubota on the planet!