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  1. Smokeydog

    FEL man basket

    Couldn’t buy a hd like I wanted. Fabricated a man basket using a steel pallet, 2” square tubing and stall mat floor. Added hooks for buckets. Tool grips for polesaws and chainsaw. 650#. Safety leg experiment. Single leg will hold the platform with loss of hydraulic pressure. My wife and I...
  2. Smokeydog

    Hazard lights protection

    Loose hazard lights due to branches, vines when mowing. From the scrapyard found a piece of stainless steel 5.5” x 1/8” tubing. Back at home cut two 2” rings. Drilled 1/2” hole for lamp bolt. Had file the hole slightly and remove one lens to install the light fixture. Fine sanded to bright...
  3. Smokeydog

    Tool caddy

    Built this to carry tools safely with the tractor for various jobs. Bolt on and added extra skid plates to protect the hydraulics.
  4. Smokeydog

    Backhoe bucket hooks

    What’s your bucket hook recommendations?
  5. Smokeydog

    Differential lock pedal

    The locking pedal is a simple round bar. Adequate till your shoes get muddy. Used short pieces of rectangle tubing and double split shaft collars to improve the pedal. For the M59. 1.5”x3” tubing and 9/16” shaft collar. B26 used 2”x3” tubing and two 5/8” double split shaft collars. The...
  6. Smokeydog

    SSQA LIPS (Lateral Implement Positioner System)

    LIPS (Lateral Implement Positioner System) Have trouble sometimes connecting to the grapple to the M59 FEL. 0.5x1.5x10” flat bars welded at 45*. Helps alignment on grapple ssqa. It's like it wants to jump on now. Don’t have the line of sight as good as the B26 and side clearance is...
  7. Smokeydog

    Kubota KSR soft ride loader kit

    Bought a NOS kit off eBay without a installation manual. Made to fit LA1954 loader and want to modify to fit TL1350 loader. A copy of the installation manual or plumbing diagram would be helpful. Can I just tee into a lift cylinder with valve and the two accumulators...