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  1. 19thSF

    VIN number

    Do any of you have any information on a new 17 digit VIN that Kubota may be using? Another member posted asking for information. I couldn't find anything, and it has made me curious. He posted a picture of an ID tag with the following information. BX23S Equipment Identification number...
  2. 19thSF

    Manuals Library

    I know that people are making money from scanning and selling copies of manuals, and I am not looking to take away anyone's income, but would it be possible to have a library of manuals for members of this site to refer to? I would have to believe that it would be of benefit. Maybe it could be...
  3. 19thSF

    BH77 operators manual

    Does anyone have an e-file (PDF, MS Word) of the Operator's Manual for the BH77? A copy of the shop manual would be much appreciated as well.
  4. 19thSF

    Determining a tractor's age

    I often read posts asking for a way to determine a Kubota tractor's age. There is no easy way to do that. Even the term "age" has more than one meaning where tractors are concerned. You can refer to websites like and perhaps get the years the Kubota model was produced, but that...
  5. 19thSF

    Santa's Kubota

    Merry Christmas Looks like Santa is giving the reindeer a year off.
  6. 19thSF

    Illustrated Parts Site

    I can't get into the parts Kubota Illustrated parts site. Something my inquiry not coming from the USA. Anyone else having that problem?
  7. 19thSF

    Bent Top Link B2650

    Do you have a bent top link on a B series. Thinking about taking it apart to repair it? it is not going to come apart easily. It seems that the small screw hole in the tube is used to mar the thread, after which the screw is installed (probably to prevent debris from getting in) I bent the top...
  8. 19thSF

    Bent Top Link

    In the woods making a new trail. Had the front bucket and a rear blade attached. Backing up, sudden stop.............didn't think too much about it until I was was taking off the rear blade, and there it was, a bent top link. My question is the threaded ends. You would think that they would...
  9. 19thSF

    Engine shuts down or goes to rough slow idle

    This is based on good advice I received, and the benefit of experience. It is for reference to help others in the future. Your tractor is running fine when the engine suddenly powers down and turns off, or goes to a very rough slow idle. If it sits there at slow idle, it may start to regain...
  10. 19thSF

    Idles down and shuts off

    My B2650 was running fine, when it idled down (or loaded up with diesel) and shut off. I was able to get it started in lowest idle position this AM. Drive it out of the woods, but along the way, it continued doing the same thing, except that it didn't quite shut off, and if I left it alone in...
  11. 19thSF

    B2650 mystery holes

    There are two threaded holes in the transmission case behind the breather. Does anyone know what they were intended to be used for?
  12. 19thSF

    Loader Control Lever Lubrication

    The sticker on my LA534 loader says to grease the "joints of control lever" along with the pivot pins every 10 hours. I have looked at the loader manual, the tractor manual and I cannot find a reference to greasing the joints of the control lever. Can anyone help me with this one? I would grease...
  13. 19thSF

    PTO output shaft free movement

    I went through the B2650 work shop manual, and I cannot find a simple answer to this question. I've learned that PTO gear backlash is normal and produces the "clanking/vibration/rattling noise I was concerned about. Thank you to those who replied to my question. I would now like to know how...
  14. 19thSF

    B2650 PTO noise

    I didn't get much of a response, so I am going to try again. I am describing the PTP sound without an implement attached. I set the RPM to the lowest possible setting (around 1100 RPM). When I engage the rear PTO I get a loud continuous vibration or rattle seemingly coming from inside the...
  15. 19thSF

    PTO rattle

    B2650 rattles loudly when PTO is engaged at lowest RPM. The noise is rhythmic and seems to come from the rear end. Rattle lessons as engine speed is increased. Disappears as 2500 RPM is approached. Here is the story, I tried to engage the PTO this morning to make sure that it worked. First...
  16. 19thSF

    B2650 vs LX2610

    I took a few minutes to compare the B2650 and the LX2610. I was looking for something that would make me choose one over the other. Spec for spec they are almost the same tractor. They use the seemingly use the same engine. They are about the same size. The loader on the LX has LESS rated...
  17. 19thSF

    Zerk size

    I am replacing a grease fitting, part number 75532-63470, which some sources identify as being 1/8"-27 NPT. I was a little surprised to see National Pipe Thread size rather than something metric. Does this seem correct? Reason for replacement is that the hex shape has been rounded out by...
  18. 19thSF

    lubrication of three point hitch

    I have two grease fittings on my B2650's three point hitch. What additional places on the three point hitch should be lubricated, and with what. The link "balls" are exposed, and could get real dirty in a hurry. I would put a dab of grease on each one, but that would seem to make it a "dirt...
  19. 19thSF

    Grease, all purpose

    I would like to keep one grease on hand. What is the best grease to use, that will work properly in all grease points on the tractor......................or do I keep a couple of grease guns around loaded with different grease. I am aware that some greases are not compatible. I bought the...
  20. 19thSF

    B2650 actual horse power

    My B2650 manufactured in late 2016 has a rated 26 HP at 2500 RPM. The later models claim 24.8 HP at the same 2500 RPM. They seem to be using the exact same engine. Does anyone have an explanation for this? They both also have the same (claimed) PTO HP.