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    Better payment method than actual cash

    I have an extended family member that bought a used car for more than $10,000 cash even though some told him not to. The IRS got wind of it and they did everything but an autopsy on his small business.
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    Tools and Products - Making Jobs Easier

    I use Fluid Film on my truck, car, mowers and trailers. It works well and doesn't run after a few minutes. It is particularly useful on the trailer suspension as it keeps the leaf springs from rusting and adds some lubrication. The bolts are easily removed when (not if) that becomes...
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    If a dealer orders tractors and implements for a customer and pays Kubota when received, that order is serviced first.
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    Govt. Office employees..... global warming and wives

    I had the false hope that people could think outside of their little boxes. The average school teacher pay in my school district is $72,382, how much is enough?
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    Frustrating/Useless Kubota customer service

    I know what you mean about useless customer service. I contacted them and they replied that "all the correct parts are at the dealer". If the repair was not completed to my satisfaction in 3 days I was to re-open the matter. In 3 days I contacted them again and got the same BS. That was...
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    Govt. Office employees..... global warming and wives

    I wonder what kind of business could succeed if they were operating a multi-million dollar facility six hours per day, 180 days per year and have half days at times. The places I worked were operating up to 360 days per year, 24 hours per day and they didn't close if a snowflake was in the air...
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    Twisted quick attach rod, how to fix?

    So what orients the pin, is it 90 in the illustration? Could you tweak it back in place with a pipe wrench?
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    GM and others stop production

    Lugbolt, GreensvilleJay, you guys are getting it. Always follow the money if you want to find the truth. This EV scam is gonna be bigger than the current ethanol and past cash for clunkers BS.
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    Alternator upgrade kit ?????

    There are all kinds of universal mounting kits out there, here is just one.
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    Alternator upgrade kit ?????

    Does this one look like it is correct?
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    Alternator upgrade kit ?????

    The voltage will be the same regardless what capacity alternator you decide on. If you have an auto electric shop in your area, they might be able to repair what you have. If you replace all the lamps with LEDs, you might not need higher capacity, it is simple math to add up the total load...
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    Govt. Office employees..... global warming and wives

    In my opinion, most government jobs are simply clerks, for example; I know a lady that "worked" for the agriculture department doling out welfare checks to millionaire farmers. She never "worked" a full five day week ever. She is my age and has been retired for many years. These...
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    It pays to check once in a while....

    I put those SAE connectors on all my seasonal batteries to connect a Battery Tender. There is no reason that you can't have both heavy duty and SAE for convenience.
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    Fuel issues?

    He said that the problem did not follow the injector. I would do the test another time with a different cylinder to be sure, and if the problem is still with the same cylinder, then it is time to visit the pump.
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    Buyer Beware - A rant

    To bring it back to Kubota, I bought a tractor, loader & backhoe, 5/3/21 and found a number of serious defects in the backhoe on first attempted use. It is now 9/3/21 and it ain't fixed yet. I asked for a refund after it was back at the dealership for over a month, that was denied. I brought...
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    Soft Cab

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    Soft Cab

    I have an Original Tractor Cab on a Wheelhorse tractor that I use with my 44" 2 stage snowblower. That cab is the same for nearly all tractors from the bottom of the windows up. If you decide on a soft cab, get the glass windshield and electric wiper if you will blow snow or get out in bad...
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    Small trailer

    I have used a 14 cu. ft. Ohio Steel dump cart for many purposes including hauling 7 cords of firewood each year for this past 30 years. Only repair was the latch spring and replaced the rotted tires.
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    newbie fuel question

    When at a large warehouse type store, I pick up the skid size cardboard seperators that is between layers of product, the stores are glad to get rid of them. They are all about the same size, lay flat and a large quantity takes up little space. No cutting and flattening boxes of odd sizes.