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  1. mpham

    Ran out of Fuel

    I found out the hard way Friday that mine is out of fuel when the gauge reads 1/2. Luckily it started to sputter and I shut it off right away. Put in 5 gallons and it filled up to the top and started up and ran fine. Odd that it is supposed to hold 7 gallons. New I should have topped it off...
  2. mpham

    B2650 PTO shaft hook up

    Thanks. I will check to see if it is off all the way. Mine doesn't move at all no matter which lever I move. It's like a brake is holding it.
  3. mpham

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Got the mower attached after screwing with the shaft for 1/2 a hour. brought a bucket of loam out to the back yard.
  4. mpham

    B2650 PTO shaft hook up

    Hi: No matter where I put the lever I can't get the shaft on the tractor to rotate so I can get the teeth to line up. What's the trick? Tried trans in neutral, key on, middle pto only, middle and rear. I even tried with the tractor running. I can't turn the implement so what's the deal? Thanks.
  5. mpham

    made a new Christmas present for my tractor

    [/IMG] vic gerbasi-send me your info and I will mail these to you for free. I left the tails long so you can trim them to the length you want.
  6. mpham

    made a new Christmas present for my tractor

    Had some orange and black paracord sitting around so I made a fob.
  7. mpham

    Merry Christmas my Orange comrades

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. mpham

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Removed the mower off the 3pt and installed the snow blower. Put all of the summer attachments on pallets and covered them up out of the weather.
  9. mpham

    New B2650 arrived, thanks all (pics)

    Nice! I love what these machines can do. Hope you get lots of use out of it.
  10. mpham

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Don't have any pics but I used the grapple to pick up and clean the mess from dropping a 65 ft. tall elm tree.
  11. mpham

    New Tractor Delivery Gone Wrong!!!

    shoving the back hoe up in the air automatically put the machine off balance. Idiot driver should have opened the rear window and maneuvered the hoe close to the ground to keep the machine safe.
  12. mpham

    Out of Commission!

    I'm sure it misses working as much as you do. I hope you heal up quick and return to excellent health.
  13. mpham

    Too Many Lawyers

    I guess they should start painting them all green or all yellow. Shame on John Deere, it was probably helping their business not hurting.
  14. mpham


    I cut the grass or push snow so it was easy for me...Turfs all the way around.
  15. mpham

    newbie with 2650

    Once you get the issues fixed you will love it! Remember we need pics.
  16. mpham

    B2650 cab joystick hits steering wheel

    Anyone else have a B2650 cab that the joystick hits the wheel when you try to dump the bucket and lower the arms? I tried tightening up the cable on the stick end. Seems like there is a lot of play before it moves anything. Might have to remove the seat in the spring and see what it looks like...
  17. mpham

    A serious question

    My wife and I have already been to the funeral home. Everything is picked out and paid for. The funeral home and us know what each other wants. That is what we will do.
  18. mpham

    Loader not level

    My B2650 has the same issue. It actually wore the bucket down 3/4 inch on one side. Dealer couldn't find the problem. Was also since new. I think there is just to much play in all the joints. Mine seems to rock back and forth in the saddles when I use it. I have it documented at the dealer and...
  19. mpham

    BX23S Bucket Trailer Hitch

    Nice! Looks like it will work great and easy on and off. Would like a bucket like that on my B2650.
  20. mpham

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Changed my 6foot plow over to a 7 footer. The B2650 pushed 8-9 inches of wet snow no problem. I was surprised how good it did. Still thinking of putting wheel spacers and chains on the rear. Didn’t need them though.