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  1. KTuk4J

    B2650 PTO linkage adjustment? Is there?

    Finding no adjustment for the PTO shifter linkage? I have an issue where when you throw the selector arm all the way back for the rear only it won't engage from middle position of mid/rear combo. If I get underneath and give it a hit at the pivot to push it in a little further it engages...
  2. KTuk4J

    BESTCO VLWCX 5" Chipper

    Been putting the BESTCO VLWCX 5" chipper to hard work for over a week now and it's a beast, sucks in and spits out what it's advertised to do. One of the heaviest flywheels you can get for the size at 115lbs, most others are 90lb. The bearings are massive, and everything appears heavy duty and...
  3. KTuk4J

    Decided to go Piranha tooth bar

    Had bought a 5/8" Titan hard edge for my 5ft bucket on my B2650 Heck the weight of that thing alone will decrease my lifting capacity besides I'm finding I'm not able to cut and dig being used to using a 75HP Deutz-Allis. So I'll just put the Titan on my Deutz and I just ordered the BXpanded...
  4. KTuk4J

    Amazon delivery drivers........?

    I'm starting to question what Amazon's true policies are with their delivery drivers and contracted drivers. Besides never knowing what kind of vehicle or time of day they will be arriving to deliver a package, some of these people look very, well questionable or maybe I'm not using the correct...
  5. KTuk4J

    Mounting 60" MMM brackets/harware to B2650

    I'm about to start mounting all the hardware to the B2650 for the 60" MMM. Looking to hear from those who have done the same to see if there are any "tricks to the trade". I have the owners/installation manual however it appears a bit vague and not very descriptive.
  6. KTuk4J

    60" or 72" MMM?

    I'm ready to purchase a MMM for my B2650 and keep going back and forth between the 60" and 72". I know the 72" would be faster however I have some tight areas and a lot of narrow and terraced hillside areas where I believe the 60" may be more maneuverable and provide a better cut. Curious...
  7. KTuk4J

    1/2" or 5/8" cutting hard edge for 60" bucket?

    Looks like I'm going with the Titan hardened 1055 carbon cutting edge for my 60" bucket on the B2650. Is 1/2" good enough or am I better off going 5/8"? I noticed the bucket itself is pretty thin and weak, seems like 5/8" is a bit overkill but if will actually help and not hinder I'll go that...
  8. KTuk4J

    Hello from Oregon B2650 questions.

    Hello, Newbie to the forum here. I've been on many other forums for a couple of decades with different machines and hobbies and always find them to be very resourceful and also like to input my experiences and help others as well when possible. In the process of purchasing a 2017 B2650 136...