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  1. J

    woodland mills stump grinder

    anybody taken delivery lately? if so when did you order? just trying to see what the lead time is today. ordered one a month ago, not worried just wondering, you know how that is when your anxious to try out a new tool!
  2. J

    fel hard to control

    the de-tents for the loader are very stiff making it hard to slowly raise, lower and curl the bucket. when I want to lower, raise or curl the bucket I have to put enough pressure on the control arm that when it overcomes the hard de-tents the bucket jumps. is there a way to adjust the amount of...
  3. J

    zip tie dip stick

    my answer to my kubota dip stick problem. a dip stick made from a large black zip tie. it works great, I can see where the hydraulic fluid is on my dip stick much easier than on the yellow factory dip stick. maybe not the best photography but you can see how it is made and how it works.
  4. J

    replace fel hydraulic line

    do I have to bleed the cylinders or will they "self bleed"? b-2301
  5. J

    grease on loader pin

    I have been putting a little grease on the pin and mounting slot [don't know what it's called] when mounting my loader, it seams that the grease just acts like a dirt magnet and attracts dirt. do you grease the pin and or do you just go dry?
  6. J

    how to use float on fel?

    I have a b2301 and don't know how to use the float function for the fel. when I push forward on the joy stick the fel will pick up the front end of the tractor. can you tell me how and when to use float? ignorance is a disability!
  7. J

    rck54-32 mmm blades

    I need to get a set of blades for my mmm model rck54-32. anybody know what the price from the dealer would be? also what the size of the nut holding them is? my manual only says there metric but don't tell me the size? I do wish the kubota web site was worth a poop! I sure would like to know...
  8. J

    hydraulic line caps

    how do you keep them on? when I run my b2301 without the loader the protective line caps don't stay on and the connectors get very dirty. I know it's easy to clean the connectors before attaching them but I would rather they STAY clean before attaching them. so how about it, what do you do?
  9. J

    time for the 50 hr service

    starting with the rck54-32 mower deck the manual says to change the 90 wt oil in the gear box. it shows a drain plug, a check plug and a filler plug? my deck don't have the drain plug or the check plug? I wonder if I have a newer model that doesn’t require draining the oil or what? it does have...
  10. J

    HF quick hitch won't fit my stuff

    bought a HF quick hitch and nothing fits? I ordered the adapter, maybe then it will work but I guess it won't be a "quick hitch" then. the pics show why it won't work. I also have several other implements that don't fit, yet, maybe after I get the adapter? I guess many others have dealt with...
  11. J

    I can't see the transmission oil level

    I wonder who the genius was that decided that a bright yellow plastic dip stick would be a good idea?
  12. J

    when it's time to replace hydraulic filters?

    the manual for my b2301 calls for filter replacement at 50 hrs but not fluid replacement. how much fluid will I loose trying to replace the filters? I need to know so I have enough on hand to replace what I loose while trying to replace the filters.
  13. J

    new b2301

    was delivered this afternoon, now the fun begins. in the short time I had to try it out tonight I have already found out that without more weight and better traction I don't think I could use any more power. I got the 54" fel and the 54" belly mower. no pics yet, maybe tomorrow? if I can figure...
  14. J

    difference between 2 ond 3 range hsd?

    I am going to buy in the near future either a new bx2370 or a b2301. can anyone tell me the difference between the two and three range hsd. is the three range hsd on the b2301 geared more for grunt and lower range power or is it geared more to the higher speed? I don't need more top end speed...