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  1. Stmar

    Sunfrost DC RF-16 Refrigerator

    Anybody have a Sunfrost RF-16 refrig/freezer or similar with a stab latch system? I want to replace the latching system and am looking for alternative options. I am posting a pic of the current components, a stab latch that fails from wear over time. Any suggestions on some type of replacement...
  2. Stmar

    LA534 grease zerks

    Does anybody know what size the grease zerks are on the LA534 FEL quick attach, specifically the ones on the lift that grease the pins that hold the bucket on. I want to replace the straight ones with 45 or 90 degree ones so I can use my LockNLube.
  3. Stmar

    Fresh Fuel?

    Going into the summer I have a full tank of #1 and also have a 5 gallon container of #1. Rookie question: Should I save the #1 container until colder weather and use #2 this summer or would the #1 get stale over the summer. Not worth taking a chance for a couple of bucks but was just curious.
  4. Stmar

    Oil Dipstick

    Normally I check my fluids after the tractor has been sitting but today I drove it up to the shop to fuel and check levels, this was after warming it up. When I pulled the dipstick it was covered with oil, cleaned it put it back in and oil level was good. First diesel I have had so is that...
  5. Stmar

    Block Heater

    B2650 with dealer installed block heater. Can you leave the block heater plugged in during cold weather? My remote went out, coldest week of the year of course, and I won't be able to replace it this week. Got it started yesterday, hard start even though it was parked in unheated barn, negative...
  6. Stmar

    Vid Vacs

    This is not meant to discuss do or not have the vaccination. I was talking to a guy from the next county and he said Walgreens was giving the vaccination to people with active prescriptions with them, turned him away and he went to the hospital and got his. I thought it was paid for by the...
  7. Stmar


    Have any of you horse people used DMSO? I have some left over from treating an injured horse. I have used it on a sprained ankle a while back and it actually worked. Just wanted to see if any others had experience with it.
  8. Stmar


    Going through a bout of Shingles. In the nerve pain stage, aspirin seems to be best, even trying Aspercreme with Lidocaine. Anybody have success with OTC or home remedies. No itching and blisters are not an issue, just residual nagging nerve pain.
  9. Stmar

    Vehicle $$$

    What does it mean when your most expensive vehicle is your Kubota? My MKC was more expensive when it was new but I bought slightly used so the Bota is still in first place. One good thing is that tractors hold their value better than road vehicles. Just a random thought so thought I would post.
  10. Stmar


    Chains on, Kubota serviced, fueled, snow blade on ready to go. Showing 80 degrees on the deck, WHATTTTT. This is November isn't it or did I do a Rip Van Winkle and sleep through winter. 2020 has been interesting to say the least.
  11. Stmar

    Grease Gun

    A while back I bought a new grease gun, looked neat and was on sale so I picked it up even though I have a few. Never could get the darn thing to work good, it had plenty of tension the first few strokes then not much resistance so not pumping too much grease. I kept doing what was suggested to...
  12. Stmar

    Wood Pellets

    I have 2 pallets of wood pellets on my trailer, just over a ton each. I have this wild idea, pull the pallet off with the B2650 maybe using ramps then use the bucket to position the pallets. I did something similar with large hay bales and my old 8N but I didn't have to worry about busting bags...
  13. Stmar

    Septic System

    We have lived in the country on a septic system in two places for 15 and 20 years for a total of 35 years. We have never had our septic tank pumped at either place, just the wife and I and we are careful what we put down the drain. Neighbor has had his done a few times in the last 5 years or so...
  14. Stmar

    Treasure Hunt

    I am sure most of us do a spring cleanup of our pastures to see what has been collected over the winter. We border state land so get some traffic. Most of the time it is McD wrappers and cups, Wally World plastic bags, beer cans, etc. But this year was unique: I found a kite, probably broke...
  15. Stmar

    Water Heater T-stat

    4500 watt electric water heater thermostat tripped. Any chance this is just a one time deal or am I looking at replacing the stat? I reset it and am testing to see if it holds, may have had a power outage yesterday so could that have caused it to trip?
  16. Stmar

    PTO Warning

    I am brush hogging the pasture, spent a few hours on the tractor. I went back to the shop to fuel up and check things over since it was the first use of the brush hog this year. Went through the normal actions, throttled down and disengaged the PTO. When I got off the blade was still turning and...
  17. Stmar

    Our World

    I would classify myself as a Libertarian, if you want to pay the price then do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else. I like to listen to all sides of an issue and make up my mind independently. I have an app that brings up different news agencies' take on situations. I have found...
  18. Stmar

    Gravel in the Grass

    Plowing snow always puts part of the gravel driveway in the grass and I have been trying to figure out the best way to recover with the tools I have. I found that if I curl my snow blade back a good ways I can pull the gravel back onto the driveway. I have also used the back blade both sharp...
  19. Stmar

    Sam's Club

    Living in a rural area we tend to keep stocks of staples because you never know if/when you can get to a store. Our nearest Sam's is over 120 miles away, a 250 mile 10 to 20 gallons of fuel trip depending on which vehicle we take. Needless to say we try and have a comprehensive list when we go...
  20. Stmar

    Fuel Gauge B2650

    How do you find the accuracy of your fuel gauge? My B2650 seems pretty close, graduated into 7 bars = 1 gallon per bar approx. 7.26G/27.5L capacity. Had the occasion to use the tractor for multiple hours and went through a few fuelings. Sure beats the old 8N stick method, although it was fairly...