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    Kubota ZD1011 - Need your experiences, thoughts, and reviews on this mower

    It's time to retire my old Scag Tiger Cub.......and have considered Hustler, Ferris, Snapper, Badboy (all gas), however now thinking it may be money well spent to step up to the ZD1011. Questions I have: Do they have overheating issues? How durable is it? Easy to maintain? What is your overall...
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    Good start HST pedal neutral switch or ???

    Several months ago I was having intermittent starting issues related to the HST pedal neutral switch on my L3800. Instead of adjusting the switch I made two jumper wires (Black w/white stripe to Red w/ black stripe) and (Black w/yellow stripe to Yellow w/black stripe). This set up work great...
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    Cold snap.....1F What fuel treatment do I add to my Kubota?

    We have had temps below freezing for the past week. Tractor is kept in a metal barn/concrete floor I've never used fuel additives to my fuel. Questions: Is it too late for the treatment to do any good? What's the recommend fuel additive......Power Service Winterizer/Antigel, Stanadyne Winter...
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    Recommendations needed for----preowned small Kubota tractor or lawn mower

    I need your thoughts on the BX or similar, series of tractors, as well as the Kubota diesel lawn mowers. **Probably something 2010 - 2019 year model range **Units with only a mower deck ** History of dependability **Reasonable/small step in height (similar to the BX1870) Not required **FEL...
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    L4240 - Couple of questions

    I found an L4240 online with 500 hrs.........first question/concern, is what type of emissions does it have? Second question what kind of price range for this tractor? FWIW, I'm still waiting for additional info as to the transmission type, etc.
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    Kubota L4400 HST (320 Hours) - Estate Auction

    I just happened across this upcoming Estate Auction on March 22nd in El Dorado Springs, Mo. I have no connection to this event in any way, just thought is might be a good tractor for someone on this forum.
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    Recommendation for Counter Weight

    Recommendation for Counter Weight - Option 1 or 2 ??? I have a project coming up real soon and need a counter weight for my L3800 (tires are not filled). My two options at this point are: 6' HD box blade (with suitcase weights added?...where to place them?) ........or....... 3 pt dirt scoop...
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    L3800 Converted to Grand L lift arms

    After considering my options.....Pat's quick hitch, 3 pt quick hitch, etc. I thought the Grand L lift arms with telescoping ends would work best for me and the equipment I have. Only minor modifications required to the stabilizers that Mark had made for me..........also a big thanks to Mark...
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    ISO of Left Lower Lift Arm.......

    (Purchased at dealer $$) ISO of Left Lower Lift Arm....... from an L3130, L3430, L3240, L3540, or L3560. I've searched all the salvage yards I can find, so I'm hoping for a miracle here!!
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    Your thoughts on this L3240 - 200 hrs

    What do you think this tractor is worth?
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    Woods BB72x Rotary Cutter - Strange Top Link Set-up

    I've had this cutter for a couple of years, and find Woods design of the top link type set up different, and somewhat difficult when connecting and disconnecting mower. Is it possible to convert this to the older style of "free to float" set-up? Anyone with this cutter, please share you...
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    What type of respirator (if any) do you use?

    I'm guilty of spraying the pasture with herbicides and convincing myself, "I'll always keep the wind in my face." Well that doesn't work so well, so I've searched for a respirator on line for future use, and don't seem to find anything especially for herbicides. Anyone have any...
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    Pricing & Advice on the purchase of an L4240

    I've located an L4240, 4x4, HST, FEL with 450 hours (about 4 hours away), have only seen some poor quality of photos. I'm considering upgrading from my L3800 4x4, HST, FEL (250 hrs) to this tractor, and keep my out of pocket expense reasonable ($3-4,000 ???) Pricing and advice on the 4240...
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    New tool box for my L3800

    I find this much better than the little OEM plastic case. Tool box: Replacement latch for tool...
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    Thouhts on changing out 3 pt arms.....

    I've consider a quick hitch...... also thought about Pat's quick connect, but have reservations about each of those. So next thought was considering the possibility of changing out the 3 pt arms on my L3800 to those from a Grand L type. It appears the method of attaching the arms to the...
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    Connecting PTO to Tractor - ? on Plastic Shields

    I have been having trouble extending/connecting the PTO shaft on my brush hog (Woods - BB72X), and finish mower (Woods - PRD7200).. I followed some of the suggestions on how to properly clean and lube the inner/outer metal shafts, and that really helped in that area. However once...
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    What equipment is needed to level a bermuda pasture?

    I have 10 acres of bermuda pasture (used for hay production) with is primarily sandy loam soil. What's the best approach.......what equip is level this out? Thoughts and suggestions muchly appreciated!!
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    Need (FEL) Quick Attach Model #s - L3130/LA723

    I just ran across a nice L3130 without the quick attach/bucket combo.......and have searched without success for the Kubota model numbers to convert it. Does anyone have any info on these numbers 1) quick attach and 2) for the bucket? Thanks for any and all help!!
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    Time For Oil Change - Preferred Weight?

    I have an L3800, and in the past have used Kubota brand oil 15W-40. I'm now considering changing to Shell Rotella T6, and just assumed 15W-40 would be the way to go, but apparently it's only available 0W-40 and 5W-40 according to Shell's website. I iive in North Texas, and as such the tractor...
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    Quick Hitch Compatibility Hookup Questions

    I would like to purchase a Quick Hitch. I have an L3800, and all of my equipment has the U shaped brackets (some standard with the equipment, and others have been modified). How does the quick attach work with these type of brackets, and what type of adapter would I need. Thanks for any/all help.