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    Just Purchased an L3901

    I don't blame you. I had a terrible setup experience with my kubota tractor. If I had known I would've had them put it back on the truck to the dealer. I killed them on the kubota survey. For this reason I'll never purchase from them again. Hope you enjoy your new tractor.
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    Just Purchased an L3901

    I didn't sign anything until they unloaded the tractor at my land. They ordered all the items I requested on my word and our verbal agreement.
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    Switching grease and pondering compatibility issues

    I use amsoil synthetic. Bought in bulk at the member price its the same or close to lucas. I put it in 3 different machines and didn't think about what was already in there.
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    In need of a quality sprayer for weed control.

    I purchased my sprayer from sprayer depot online. It has an aluminum frame so it's not very heavy. Gas driven hypro pump is a beast. I've never had much luck with electric pumps. I know they sell tractor models as well. Won't be cheap. Mine was about 3500 and its just a skid with a 100 gallon tank.
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    Down the rabbit hole of comparing tractors that have a cab.

    I like the 6060 but I don't understand all the features. I have watched the Messicks video. Like too many dipping sauces. Cant choose.
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    Any Gravel Spreading Tips?

    Looks good. It takes many hours to master a box blade. Even then I still get mad at it. I like the fabric. I prefer geogrid myself. Fabric will keep it from pumping (soil) up into the road.
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    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    I test my Honda cars. Mobil 0w-20 for both. I run them to 10K miles and there's still life left in the oil. I change it at 10K though because the test shows lots of fuel from the direct injection even when brand new. I don't test every time though since its about $35 each test. I would be...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    We order millions of dollars in steel from a huge company. You know how long the quotes are good for? Until the end of the day. That's how crazy the steel market is. Small companies don't get the benefit of floating millions in steel for months at a time.
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    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    My 60 year old tractor gets 15-40 rotella dino. It has the factory leak/replenish feature of old tractors so it's always getting an oil change. I'm not sure what I'll do to the 2501. Mobil1 5 40 seems to be a favorite, but the manual does not mention it, only 15 40 or 10 30. Rotella T4 15-40...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    Glad you got to talk to Travis. He seemed like a stand-up no BS guy when I talked to him.
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    I know Travis at EA has read this thread...because he told me he did when I bought mine. I think they would want to prevent some bad PR even if it might only cost them a few orders. I've read some "EA response" messages in the reviews on their site for various implements and it seems like they...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    I would send it back and either get my money back, or ask for a new one from the front of the line.
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    Who sells rear wheel weights for the L2501?

    How did the weights turn out? Do you have a picture of them mounted?
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    Mowing Grass - Help With My Next Mower, Please

    I bought a used Hustler super mini Z with 800 hours for 1K a few years ago. I think it is a 2003 or 2004 model. It had 800 hours on it and now the hour gauge is broken. I'm not sure how fast it's supposed to go. Fast enough to throw me out of the seat. It has a 44" deck which is plenty for me...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    How many weeks? I have grapple envy. I can pretend i wouldn't go out until it's cold and no bugs. But if i had it now i would be putting some hours on.
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    Attachments advise needed

    My dealer sold me terreforce pallet forks. I think it’s related to everything attachments as they sell the same line/brand name on some things. Ea was a few bucks cheaper but I didn’t have to wait.
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    I’m two weeks behind you. Bummer. I won’t call for a while.
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    Obviously you missed the joke - the post above referencing mutual funds and paying stuff off. I find it hilarious the hate for EA on here. If you don't like it, don't buy it!
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    I'm 4 weeks into a probable 16 week wait for my grapple. Even longer for my top n tilt. If i order tractor parts online and they take 6 weeks to arrive, I still have to pay up front. I'm fine with it. I invest in mutual funds also.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Did one of those stupid things that you know are stupid but still do them anyways. Got the zero turn stuck in the creek. Got a few scratches on the rops. Breaking it in.