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  1. Thomas Jefferson

    Anyone have Rops folded height of MX?

    Looking at buying MX 4800 or 5200, how tall is the tractor with Rops folded with R1 vs R4 tires? For garage clearance.Cant find measurements anywhere . thank you in advance
  2. Thomas Jefferson

    Buying L2501 -height clearance in garage

    I’m currently getting ready to go in and purchase an L2501 with AG/R1 tires . I know that the AG tires give you added clearance over the R4s. How tall is the tractor with rops folded down with the AG tires on L2501? need to make sure it will fit in my garage. Thank you
  3. Thomas Jefferson

    R14 tires on Bx2380

    Anyone have the new R14 tires on the BX? wondering how stable they were with a load on the FEL? Also do they tear up your lawns at all?