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  1. JPB7745

    Attachments advise needed

    Everyone's needs are all so different, but a box blade for the 3pt and pallet forks are a must for me.
  2. JPB7745

    Thinking about getting a L2501.....thoughts

    I have had great luck with my2501. I mainly use it for loader work for sawmill hobby, wish I would have stepped up for more lifting power but that meant more lifting of the wallet. Great tractor!
  3. JPB7745

    First dent and scratch

    Good idea, but I like to have that oh sh*t memory of the first one so I can tell others how it happened and how it was my fault as usual.
  4. JPB7745

    D1105 Rebuilt - now won't run.

    sorry #1 and #3
  5. JPB7745

    D1105 Rebuilt - now won't run.

    Are you sure all pistons went back in the correct cylinder I know the D950 engines #2 piston stroke was just a tad bit longer than the #1 and #2.
  6. JPB7745

    Bad weld on lift cylinder

    Still waiting on response from dealer, tractor and loader were bought together in Sept.2018 so it is under a the two year warranty but they say only one year on implements. It looks like in 2019 they change from a one year warranty to a two year on the implements.
  7. JPB7745

    Bad weld on lift cylinder

    Developed a leak on my lift cylinder on LA525 loader. Kubota says only one year warranty on loader and two on tractor. Working with dealer for a "Good Will" warranty as it only has 50 hrs onit.
  8. JPB7745

    Keeping it simple and cheap.

    Was looking for a way to keep the cell phone AKA (pain in the A**) in my view as I have a sick father who calls when i'm needed. When I keep it in my pocket I cant hear or see it light up. So I took the belt holder clip off the phone holder and zip tied it to the hydraulic hoses above the loader...
  9. JPB7745

    The Site won't let me upload photos.

    The 028 is still running strong!! Old things are still good:)
  10. JPB7745

    The Site won't let me upload photos.

    Testing to see if my pic would attach.
  11. JPB7745

    Newbie L2501 ordered

    Thanks for that grab handle part #. One thing you will see quickly is the small transmission cover between your feet loosing paint from your feet steeping on it. I found a 12x12 piece of peel and stick rubber diamond plate (harbor freight) that I put on the cover to help prevent rust.
  12. JPB7745

    Newbie L2501 ordered

    Do you have that RH grab bar part # by chance. I still reach for it but it's never there?
  13. JPB7745

    Let's see those chainsaw mounts!

    A demo of how to remove and install quickly. Getting painted tomorrow K-Orange
  14. JPB7745

    Removable saw holder (homemade)

    Needed a removable saw holder, so I decided to make one. This will slide down on the angled loader frame and use friction to hold the saw in place. I may make this out of all metal or may not.
  15. JPB7745

    2.5 gal YELLOW fuel can? (maybe Orange?)

    After much diesel on the tractor and ground i put the 5gal can on the hood on top of a towel and use the "jiggle" suction hose and fill the tank in about 3-5 mins with no spill. Just my routine.
  16. JPB7745

    HST fluid change at 50 hrs?

    I believe manual says to change filter at 50 hrs and fluid at 400.
  17. JPB7745

    L2501 Weighted Tires

    Personal preference I like weighted tires as I used my loader everyday almost and the added weight helps out in the rear. Not sure if you use a loader or not. You can always try it out and then go back if it does not work for you.
  18. JPB7745

    Kubota L2501 - initial review

    Bought mine in early 2019 and have no guard either, hummmm??
  19. JPB7745

    Price check on L2501 HST

    I bought mine from Hendrix Tractor in Savannah GA just 30 mins form home in SC.
  20. JPB7745

    Price check on L2501 HST

    I bought my L2501 in August 2018 for $20,557 out the door with HST 4 wheel drive LA525 Loader R4 tires_with ballast BB1260 Kubota finance 1k down with insurance, financed 19,577 and 72 interest free payments of $271.63