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    It’s not a Kubota......

    It’s my 1951 Oliver Crawler HG-68. My family bought this brand new in 51. I am in the process of restoring it to first class working order. Not show quality. I have rebuilt the motor. Years ago I converted it to a distributor system. I have just converted from 6V positive ground to 12V negative...
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    Lift arm tilt cylinder

    Thinking about adding T&T and rear remotes to my Ford 1720. Where is a good place to source a tilt cylinder? I am able to do some fabrication if needed. Ron
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    Sharing Grapple with 2 tractors

    My Ford 1720 and my Kubota 2380 use different hydraulic fluids. One is a gear transmission and one is a hydrostatic transmission. Will I contaminate one fluid with the other? Is there a way to flush the grapple? Or is this even an issue? Ron
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    Speeco Post Hole Digger

    Rual King sells this. Anyone have this brand? Any thoughts? A rual king I went into today has this priced wrong on there sign by the implement. I think I can buy it for $399. I am tempted to give it a try. I don’t want a piece of junk either...
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    Post Hole Digger

    I have a BX 2380 and a Ford 1720 4WD. Is there an auger that will work on both? Is the BX to small to worry about an auger on it? I am interested in a 9” & 12” bit. But I can take the BX through the yard not worry about tearing up things.
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    Torque Wrench

    What brand and type are you using? I need a new one. I don’t want to break the bank on one but I need an accurate one.
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    3rd Function Hydraulic Kit For BX2380

    Is there any difference in the everything attachments 3rd function kit vs the Kubota land pride kit? Is one better than the other? Price is about the same. But the Kubota one comes installed with the new tractor. I have to install the everything attachments.
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    BX2380 & tires

    Getting real close to purchasing a BX2380. The main use will be mowing. I am purchasing a loader with it. And I may do a little snow removal. I have a lot of hills and banks that I mow. I don’t want to tear may grass up or leave tracks. Which tires would be best. Industrial, or turf?