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    1200 FEL Bucket Seals for sale.

    Part number 70050-00299-620 for Kubota 1200 FEL. 2 Factory sealed bags. Normally $34 a set. Will sell for $25 each plus postage. I bought these then couldn't find them and ordered another set. I found them after the second set arrived.
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    1200 loader on L245DT

    I just picked up a fork attachment that can go on the 3PH or on a FEL. Issue is bucket pins are 8 inches on center and fork attachment is about 14 inches on center. Any ideas? I was thinking of drilling 2 new holes in the fork bracket. TIA
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    Loader bucket for L1200

    Does anyone know where I can get a 48" bucket for a L1200 loader? I have a beatup 60" bucket on my L245DT, and the manual states this is a snow bucket. It call out a 48" material bucket. I'm in NJ but the tractor's in the Adirondacks upstate NY. Thanks
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    Wheel width

    Can the rear wheels on a L245DT be spread. Using the loader is real tricky. Always seems like its ready to tip. I have a 230 lbs cement block on 3pt that helps a little. Thanks,
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    engine heater

    Hey hav24wheel, can you describe where you "teed" the line. I've been hearing about the bypass hose but where is it? Is it bypassing the water pump? I have a L245DT and don't thing I have a bypass hose. Manual doesn't show one. Thanks
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    L2000 Compression Release

    can anyone post a picture of the knob pulled in and out. Mine is missing from my (new) l245dt. Mechanism is intact but just a hole in dashboard.
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    hey bigd, I just got a l245dt also doesn't have the decomp knob but the mechanism is intact. Did you fix yours? Is the knob connected to a shaft then a cable? How can I repair it? Bleecker