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    L2501 ... A REAL Tractor

    I was at Messick's yesterday (Elizabethtown)(sunday) just to look around without salesman. Wow, I didn't realize how much bigger and thicker everything (axles, etc.) is on L2501's compared to the 26hp B50 and B01 tractors. I know they are around 1000lbs+- more than B's. There was an L2501 next...
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Lets see some pics of your BX,'s, B's and L's on your trailers to see how your tractor fits on your trailer. Tell what size trailer you have and if you like the set up or would like to change trailer type or size or both and why. Do you have room for extra implements ? Is your trailer Low...
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    Why run high rpm's with a diesel ?

    At first I thought it was odd that people here were being told to run their tractors most of the time at full rpm's when doing work. To me, a diesel is a low rpm torquer. Then it occurred to me that most of the tractors in discussion here are small NON-TURBO engines. That's it, I'm used to all...
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    Bigfoot Tractor ?

    Is it on this forum that somebody has a tractor that they put bigger tires on and you refer to it as "Bigfoot" ? … maybe a youtube video, not sure now. if here, what model tractor ?
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    Do tractor newbies know ?

    It seems not too uncommon, when watching a tractor video, that the operators dont have the outer driveshaft plastic cover chained off. Do new tractor owners realize that it is, potentially, a life saving safety device ? Until i found this forum i used to wonder why the PTO shafts had a plastic...
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    hp ? ... torque ... hmm

    BX1880 - 43.9 cu in, 18.0 hp, 33.1 ft lb, 3200 rpm BX2380 - 54.8 cu in, 23.0 hp, 41.3 ft lb, 3200 rpm BX2680 - 61.1 cu in, 25.5 hp, 44.4 ft-lb, 3200 rpm B2301 - 61.1 cu in, 22.0 hp, 44.2 ft lb, 2800 rpm B2601 - 68.5 cu in, 25.5 hp, 52.3 ft lb, 2800 rpm B2650 - 76.9 cu in...
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    You can now order an LX tractor !

    Today is the first I've seen that you can "build" and order an LX Tractor. You can get the R14 tires, too.
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    Mowing with a B2601

    How well does a B2601 mow grass? The only videos I found showed guys mowing, not high quality lawns, more almost like fields. Can they do a good quality job of mowing if you mow 1 -2 times a week? mulching? either? I want a multi use tractor with more ground clearance than a BX (FEL, BH, MMM...
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    What year pre Tier4 26hp+

    If I wanted more than 26hp, what year and earlier do Kubota tractors greater than 26hp not have the new emission stuff on ?
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    Rockshaft ?

    How does a rockshaft work ? hydraulic or mechanical (gears) ? The shaft is in the back of the rear axle or transmission and lifts the 3 point hitch.
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    What were you able to do with your kubota that surprized you?

    What did you try to do with your tractor that you didn't really think it could do, but you tried anyway, and it did it ? And what model tractor is it ?
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    Small tractors - Big Load ?

    Just a reminder for new tractor owners, I recently saw a pic of somebody moving a BIG Travel Trailer with a BX tractor. Just cuz you can move it on level ground doesn't mean you will be able to stop it on a hill. The 3 point hitch has a lot of tonque weight capability but your tractor only has...
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    Piranha or Heavy Hitch Tooth Bar ?

    Seems like a lot of guys here have the Piranha Tooth bar but does anybody have Heavy Hitch's tooth bar ? It's very different looking than the piranha tooth bar. Might be better for certain types of work? Way more expensive, tho. To me it looks like the Heavy Hitch bar would be not as versatile...
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    What about non-tractors ?

    If a tractor's front axle didn't pivot, it probably could be rated to lift more with the loader (some of the lift limit is also the tractors weight). But, since it can pivot at the front axle where the weight is lifted high, it can become tipsy and dangerous. Why not consider another type of...
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    B2601 Hi capacity alternator ...?...

    What is a normal B2601 alternator amps and what is the hi capacity amps ? Is a hi capacity alternator only necessary if you get all the light options ?
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    Smallest tractor with hydro "Top n Tilt" ?

    Can hydro Top n Tilt be put on a B2601 with parts from other kubotas ? Without going completely custom fabbed ? On a B2601, you can get 2 rear remote valves, but Top n Tilt isnt offered.
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    Found this site today , if you navigate around , looking for "kubota" stuff, you can eventually find (i did) data for the diesel engines in kubota tractors , even a graph of the hp and torque. At one point you have to select the "Series" of engine .... im considering compact and subcompact ...
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    Found this site today
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    Root "shears" for a backhoe arm ?

    Would it be possible to make some kind of cutters that can cut roots of trees (up to a few inches thick)(im thinking of like a BX or B tractor) by taking off the backhoe bucket and installing a cutter on the end of the backhoe arm that uses the end cylinder for moving a cutting blade ? maybe...
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    BX's with R14 tires ...?....

    When you go on the page that comes up shows a BX with R14 tires on it ..... has anybody "heard" if Bx's will be offered soon with R14 tires ? If i "build" a BX it doesnt show R14's as an option, yet.