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    Fair price for a Land Pride FDR 1660

    Looking at a nearly new (used once) FDR 1660 finish mower. Anyone recently bought one? How much did you pay? Thanks!
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    Pat's Easy Change VS Quick hitch

    New tractor owner. After fighting with 3 pt attachments, I have been looking for help. Almost went the quick hitch route, but was swayed towards the Pat's Easy Change and pulled the trigger. Came in Thursday so I attached it yesterday. I am very glad I went to Pat's. It was easy to attach...
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    Trailer Help

    Finally getting my lx2610 this week. I went looking for a trailer yesterday and need a little advice since this is my first trailer. At the Trailer shop, the manager said I would be OK with one of their models that has a 5K pound capacity. I looked up the specs on the LX2610 and it come in at...