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    Land pride landscape rake

    Today I picked up a new lr1672 landscape rake and the only way to spin it around 180 degrees is to cut a steel plate off and remove the parking stand. I don't mind cutting the plate off because it's only purpose is for reflective tape but the parking stand is kinda important. Has anyone else had...
  2. J

    Engine to transmission shaft lube?

    Hey. Should I be using any kind of lubricant on the two joints between the engine and transmission? There seems to be a bit of rattling going on down there. Tractor is a b2650.
  3. J

    FDR1660 bearings

    So the bearings in my fdr1660 mower deck have been getting quite noisy so I figured they should be replaced. I bought the mower used a bunch of years ago and have no idea how old it is. Anyway I took one of the hubs apart, pulled the top bearing off the spindle without any trouble. The bottom...