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    Short PTO extension for those with Quick Hitch or Pat's Easy change

    What do you use for your PTO extension? Thanks
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    Quick connect ROPS mounting plate for rear remotes

    Where would one find a mount plate for some QC rear remotes (2 set, 4 holes)? Thanks.
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    Thread/size used in L series front hydraulic block

    Does anyone know off hand what the thread type/size of the Power Beyond and tank ports on the front hydraulic block? Thanks.
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    What's your L-series rear tire pressure?

    The doc said 30psi. I found it to be too rough. Thinking about letting some air out. Perhaps to 15psi. What do you run yours at? Thanks.
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    is a 6' box blade too big for L2501?

    What's your take? Thanks
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    L2501 hydraulic

    I bought a L2501 with 3rd function setup (true 3rd function, not diverter valve). I noticed that the 3rd function valve only has 4 ports: 2 going to the front for the 3rd function, one goes to the loader PB port, and the other goes to the PB port on the front hydraulic block. I think the line...