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  1. rbargeron

    L2850 Power Steering?

    I agree - here are 2 pages from the L2850 WSM. Power Steering uses its own pump and uses trans fluid. The steering box is underneath up front. Trans oil level gauge is by left foot - its transparent (or may need rubbing clean to see level) Downloadable owners manual here.
  2. rbargeron


    OK we don't even know what the issue is yet, but use great care in working on the PTO shaft on a L355ss - the part was discontinued several years ago and now gives "rare" a new meaning.
  3. rbargeron

    broken transmission cover plate

    "...... I'm not going to mention names, but there's a bunch of OTT members I would really like to see trying to help me if I was stumped..... " ditto - Dick B
  4. rbargeron

    B7100 Rear end question

    Probably no other damage. Everything is free to turn either way - brake drag and the oil film add up to favor one side a little. If you can affect the free spin by hand when there's no drive load its likely fine.
  5. rbargeron

    broken transmission cover plate

    Agree the write-up is great. At this website, there are diamonds laying around everywhere - in the members' experience. What I would do now is ask either tinkerwitheverything or Lil Foot if you could send your trans cover to one of them for the surgery. This job needs part prep, fixturing and...
  6. rbargeron

    broken transmission cover plate

    me too - pics?
  7. rbargeron

    Removing bonnet from LT 295 dt

    I vaguely remember when taking the power steering unit off my L345 several things had to go - steering wheel, tach cable, instrument panel, wiring, tank - then fuel filter & throttle bracket, tank supports etc. some bolts hiding. Keep looking - you'll find them. I wasn't able to get the...
  8. rbargeron

    L305 Hydraulic adaptor Plate

    Other forum members had reservations in another thread about connecting a loader valve's RETURN hose to the hydraulic block to power the 3-pt hitch. But Kubota L3xx models used this arrangement for years. The L1720 loader was supplied with a Cross BA valve and the aluminum block for use with the...
  9. rbargeron

    L305 Hydraulic adaptor Plate

    Great - see the last paragraph of edited post #7 above. Its the six-hose answer. Are you convinced the external system is toast? Keep in mind by eliminating the external pump and you could have less loader performance. Strength won't change but speed might - the L305 uses internal hydraulics...
  10. rbargeron

    L305 Hydraulic adaptor Plate

    You could make one by copying most of the 4-bolt cap on the machine now. The original block in YELLOW sends oil from one hole to the other with no other flow paths. To eliminate the external pump, take off the 4-bolt cap and make a replacement that duplicates the mounting holes and separates...
  11. rbargeron

    Function of Stop Solenoid

    Most K machines have a stop solenoid, activating to stop fuel flow when the key turns to “off”. Depending on when built there are two versions of what happens after that. On older models (roughly through 2002) the solenoid's rest position is RETRACTED, allowing fuel to flow. With engine...
  12. rbargeron

    Treadle Pedal operates opposite

    This is the residue of another thread where it was pointed out the WSM shows TWO versions of the HST in those models - Type I has a lock bolt for the fixed swash plate. Type II has a drain plug nearby instead (hence the confusion) and has an internal pin 160 to hold the fixed swash plate from...
  13. rbargeron

    L48 only starts by jumping a wire from the battery post on the starter to the white plug?

    Sorry - I'm no help on the switch logic. My L48's was already "altered" when I got it. Glad you're running again.
  14. rbargeron

    whats a "charge pump" ??

    Lugbolt's post rings true here. Nobody knows what's wrong with it (or nobody is saying what they do know). There are different ways a charge pump can fail - it shouldn't be a guessing game - the owner should spend enough on discovery to honestly describe what he's selling. Failing that, I'd pass.
  15. rbargeron

    B1700 HST hitch leak-down when stopped

    The likely cause is a failing (or failed) o-ring on the piston in the lift cylinder. There's a very good discussion available here with several ideas on getting the piston out without taking the top hydraulic assembly off the tractor. Good luck - Dick B
  16. rbargeron

    B7100 HST 4wd swash plate stop bolt

    I expect he will - when he gets to it. I knew my L48's HST needed to come apart and I procrastinated for several YEARS before I worked up the courage to actually spread the machine all over my shop! HST's are not intuitive mechanisms - and they have an "exotic" reputation. But once you first...
  17. rbargeron

    B7100 HST 4wd swash plate stop bolt

    See new inserted WSM image in post #35 above. Before criticizing the OP too much for loosening the wrong bolt, consider the two product versions. I think anybody could fall into a trap like that. My 2 cents. Dick B.
  18. rbargeron

    B7100 HST 4wd swash plate stop bolt

    I agree that bolt head on the B7100HST with the Type I hst invites loosening:eek:! TheWSM shows a couple versions of that HST. There's a Type I with the lock bolt and a Type II without the lock bolt. I'll bet the OP isn't the first to take it out - and won't be the last ! The Type II version...
  19. rbargeron

    M5700n rear wheels locking.

    Looking at the diagram on the right - I've seen on other models where brake cam lever (8) gets rusty and binds up in the hole in the iron brake case (4) . It can get pretty stuck. Try using penetrating oil, let it sit, give it some hammer taps, work it both ways, etc. until it frees up. May...