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    Anyone want cartridge style oil filter assembly for l1500

    Replaced it with spin on. It was causing low oil pressure at idle. Not sure if it’s serviceable. Just pay shipping or tell me to just send it to scrap yard? Also I’ll probably be selling my litte ll1500dt soonish. Will post separate when I do.
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    Don’t understand bolt setup on l1500

    Hi all! Replacing the coolant housing on l1500. Besides the fact that one bolt hits the fan assembly the other issue is this post and nut setup. How are you supposed to turn a rusty post when the nut comes off. There are two like this out of six. I got the one in the picture out because the nut...
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    Throttle sticking on l175/l1500dt

    Hi all, cant figure out from the diagrams what returns the throttle to where the throttle handle is set when you let off the gas pedal. When mowing I step on the gas when getting to high grass and when I’m out let it off. But now the throttle doesn’t return. I have to reach down and pull the...
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    L1500dt overheated, looking for advice

    Have not run her in a few months. Went to go do a minor task. Checked oil and gas and after glowing she fired up just fine. Did about 10 minutes of work. Came back to switch implements and when I went to shutdown to take off mower, I pressed the throttle all the way in and nothing happened! I...
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    Parts availability for old kubotas - when will time be up?

    I’m amazed I can still get kubota parts for a ~ 40 year old tractor (l1500dt/l175). Is this normal for tractor manufacturers? Does kubota have a “end of life” for parts? There are not many tractor graveyards around here as far as I can tell so parts availability is important to me. Just...
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    1/2 gal of coolant every session?

    Howdy. Running an l1500dt (l175) and wondering if it’s normal to put in 1/2 gal(2qts) of water every run to top off the radiator. It holds 5.6 qts total Water will leak out of the overflow tube and eventually stop then I’m worried it’s dry and stop doing anything for fear of overheating. It...
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    Gasket maker ok for oil filter assembly?

    I’m installing a spin on oil filter assembly and removing the cartridge style on my l1500dt. The parts diagram shows a gasket between the engine and the filter assembly and I was planing on using permatex black high oil gasket maker or whatever. But is this ok? Is it likely some will squeeze...
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    L1500 draw bar?

    Anyone know what I get to attach a drawbar? Going to be skidding some logs around soon and I could get a bar that attaches between the three point arms but I’d prefer to be attached at the hitch below the line of the axles. Here’s a pic of my setup. What goes in these holes on the...
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    4wd lever operation on L1500dt

    On bills final ratio thread I asked which way the 4wd lever should be to engage 4wd. I didn’t want to hijack that thread so posting here. My lever has always been back but I’ve never driven on asphalt or anything. Always dirt. I did push the lever forward a couple times to try to figure out...
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    L1500 three point lever operation

    My neighbor let me borrow his tractor to move a dump truck load of dirt to the garden I think because he’s overly nice and felt sorry for me! Anyway he had a box blade on the back so I used it to fix a couple big dips to make transport smoother to location and noticed his three point is...
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    Oil leak in brush hog from unknown hole

    Hi. No clue what brush hog this is. It's old but what I think has an old omnigear rc gearbox on it. Oil is leaking from the front cover from a hole I have no clue what is for. From the picture you can see the oil glisten from one of the four bottom holes around the input shaft. Any idea about...
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    Finding Pto shaft for tiller

    Hello! So I got a new 42 inch tiller for my l1500. It is shear pin protected. The implement shaft is slpined. The shear pin is not 1/2 inch like on a brush cutter pto. It's very small grade 8.8 bolt on the yoke of the pto shaft. Maybe 5/16th. Anyhow the tiller is very close to my tractor...
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    Irma blew my rain cap off

    So I reminded myself five times to go tie down the rain cap but there was always something else to tie down. This morning went outside to check on animals and found my rain cap off the l1500.... yargh! Blew off in night. What should I do before trying to start? Thanks! - Mike Sent from my...
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    Fender handles on L1500/1501

    Noticed most l1500 and l1501 kubotas have fender handles. Apparently this was standard safety regulation in Japan? Mine doesn't have them. What gives? Early models maybe didn't come with them? - Mike
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    What to look for in buying used loader

    Just curious if loader is not on tractor what you look for when buying a used loader? No obvious breaks where re welded. How do you make sure all is well with it? What are the big ticket items. The valve? but if it's off the tractor? How to make sure it's good? Thanks! - Mike
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    What pto shaft series do I need?

    Hi, Been googling around but can't find the info yet. I need a new pto shaft and wondering what series I need? This will go on a 4ft brush hog. There is lots of info on determining pto series but not what series pto a shaft a particular implement requires. How do you properly size the...
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    Suggestions on getting old brush hog going.

    Got an old brush hog not sure what brand or anything but seems stout. The fill plug was just plastic and I broke it now trying to get the rest of the plug out without getting plastic pieces in the gear box. It's pretty brittle. Seems like I'm going to have to open the gear box? I got the...
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    Got the l1500 running today!

    Well with everyone's help on the forums got the l1500 running again today. I've had it for maybe 3 months working on it and no seat time except parking it on back of house and tarped while I worked on it. Rebuilt steering and painted box and shift covers. New alternator New hydraulic fluid...
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    Hydraulic/transmission replacement on l1500dt

    For the life of me I can't find the dang filter. The shop manual says an access plate should be behind the left step. Where is it? Also what is this little square threaded bolt that looks like I should put oil in it? To drain the fluid I removed the very large 24mm? bolt from bottom of...
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    L1500 coolant replacement

    Went to go drain the radiator in the L1500 to replace it with actual antifreeze 50/50, and saw the petcock right above the right side frame where nearly impossibly to not drain into the frame. I remember reading a post on here about someone complaining about the same thing but for the life of...