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    L2228 Quick attach question.

    I have been looking for a quick attach for my L3800 with the La524 loader. My local dealer isn't all that helpful if you aren't buying a new tractor. Does anyone know if an L2228 quick attach fit this loader?
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    Pat's Quick Attach Question

    I was looking at getting a set of the Pat's Quick attach adapters. Has any one received a set lately? I saw a set at the local farm store but they were welded not cast like the pictures show. Also many of the online listings show both the cast and the welded for the same item. Do the still make...
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    3pt Landscape Rake

    I just cleared about 3/4 of an acre of overgrown bushes and trees from the side of my property with the bush hog and a mini x. I now have a mess to clean up. There are lots of roots and little stumps all over among the ground up tree pieces and trash. I was thinking about getting on of the 3 pt...
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    Fence unroller

    I didn't want to spend any more money than I had to to unroll the 1k feet of fence my wife and I are doing this week/weekend and maybe next also depending how slow the posts drive in my rocky soil. Those 300 foot rolls of goat and sheep fence are rather heavy. I rigged this up for the boom pole...
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    Mounted a winch on my L3800

    I searched around the other day and was unsuccessful with other posts about this topic. I decided to just dive in and see what I could come up with. I started with a 1' piece of 6x6 square tube and some scrap 1/4 plate. I needed a 4x6 piece but my local shop didn't have any. Here are some...
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    Winch on an L3800

    I tried doing a search for this but the search doesn't seem to want to work on my iPad. I got a Viper 5k winch and I want to install it on the front of my tractor but I don't want to use a quick connect. I was looking at one of those mounts on the Internet but it doesn't look very sturdy. Any...
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    High Sulfur diesel in 2014 L3800

    I was at the station I usually get my diesel from today and after paying for 50 gallons to fill my transfer tank I noticed (which I have never before) that the sticker on the off road diesel pump said High Sulfur Diesel. I have used their off road diesel on many occasions but was wondering if...
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    Left-Right brake pedal question

    I have had my L3800 for going on a year now, and the left right brake pedals I have wondered about the entire time. I searched the forum but didn't see anything about the brakes. What is the purpose of the two brake pedals? They have stayed locked together the entire time I have had it but I...