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    L3010 Fuel shut off solenoid

    Put a new fuel shut off solenoid on, 2 relays and it still will not stop with the key? I have a wiring diagram and it shows 2 slow blow fuses, could somebody tell me where they are? Thanks BK
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    One owner G5200 44" deck 875 original hours everything works fresh oil change fuel filters and air. New deck blades, belt and PTO belts. Deck cleaned and stripped one year ago repainted with Kubota paint, new anti-scalp wheels added. Asking $2500 or make me an offer. Pictures will not load?
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    B219 Loader

    Got the hydraulic cylinder's and control valve for sale for B219 loader, has new seal kits that go with it, tilt cylinder's have some pitting on the rods but very usable, will post pics when I get a chance. Buyer to pay all shipping costs. Like to get $150 for all of it, the tractor is long gone...
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    B7100HST with 219 loader

    1982 Kubota B7100 HST 4 X 4 One family owned, 1509 original hours on working hour meter, tractor functions all work as they should. small restoration done in 2012 to loader and rims. All new Carlisle tires, new fuel tank, new lines, new fuel filter housing, new seals in injector pump, new fuel...
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    B7100HST cab

    Anyone have a cab to post pictures? like to see one and build my own. Thanks BK
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    Sickle bar questions/pics RE: Deidler MFG or similar

    Anybody have a sickle bar mower for a B6000 that could share some pictures, just curious about them, they were made by Deidler MFG the log splitter people I was told, bought out in 79', they were hydraulic powered and mounted on the belly? Thanks Big...
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    3 point trimmer

    Bought one of those DR trimmers for the 3 point, works not to bad, still getting the hang of it, better than before, mounted it to my 6100. Big Kahuna
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    B7100 Temp Gauge

    Put a small temperature gauge on my 7100HST to watch the radiator , but really don't like the kink, has anybody got something better? mowing and plugging up the front screen and getting so hot that you hear boiling bothers me, had to clean screen 6 times Friday mowing, went up to 245, that's...
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    Eric McCarthy

    Where is Eric McCarthy ? its been 2 1/2 months since he was on. Big Kahuna
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    Log Splitter

    Just got done splitting some firewood with the old Kubota splitter and figured maybe some of you never seen one? Big Kahuna
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    RC60-71B Mower

    Anybody know how the gearbox and center spindle seperate? Just bought a mower and I'm tearing down for sandblast and thats all I have left to pull. Thanks Big Kahuna
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    B7100 HST Radiator

    Well it looks like the ole 7100 HST radiator is leaking, had it gone over 6 years ago and was told it had a few too many holes, anybody buy one of those on eBay for yours? or should you just bit the bullet and buy Kubota? Big Kahuna:(
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    B6100E B48 Mower Deck Restore

    Wanted to Restore my B48 Mower Deck, I bought it used about 12 years ago and did tear down and repaint but the paint on the deck just didn't last like it should, so I decided to tear it down again and sand blast everything right this time, I used Hammerite paint (GOLD) on the entire deck and top...
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    Mower deck cleaning

    Well it's getting that time of the year to put the mower decks away,other than cleaning the underside do you do something else? I tried mower deck graphite spray, does not work, I tried painting, also does not last. What about POR 15, anyone try this? or Hammerite paint? it's pretty tough stuff...
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    B7100 hst

    Well fellow OTT members what do you think of my $2500.00 kubota? Yep that's right, bought it off of eBay in July, put 2 new front tires on it and some good old TLC. 1864 Hours on it, now to find a mower deck for the old girl, an RC6071B, if you got one let me know...
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    Kubota B7100 HST

    Well just picked up another Orange Power yesterday, a 1992 B7100 HST 4WD with 1864 hours on a working meter. Got it off eBay for $2524.99, yes that's right, just when we all thought eBay was replaced by Craigslist you can still get a deal. Needs some TLC but runs fine and moves around great...
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    B-219 rebuild

    Kubota B7100 HST B-219 loader rebuild It was 6 months to the day that I bought this loader from fellow OTT member Tillithunder, all before pictures are from him and I need to give credit to him. It was a cold New Years Eve day that I went out and got this, now after I'm done with it sure does...
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    I see a B6000 on Ebay for $599 with factory front weights and the pto reverser, just to let you guys know. Big Kahuna
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    FEL pump

    Has anybody changed the way the older FEL's had their own pump mounted on the front of the tractor, does the tractors own pump have enough of power to run these type of loaders?
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    B-219 Loader B7100 HST

    I just picked up a B-219 loader and one of the spool valves is not working right, looks like a broken spring, now it's made by Cessna and they are no longer(bought out by Eaton)where do you go for parts? is a 30922 spool valve,also have the gear pump on the front of the tractor and would like to...