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  1. Bark


    I really cant complain about advertising especially since this is a great online forum and I am currently not paying anything but should since some of the advice I have gotten here has saved me some bucks. Why though do I keep getting advertisements for Bikinis, Swimsuits, tongs (or thongs?) and...
  2. Bark

    DPF regeneration video

    This video helped pound into my thick skull what the manual, sticker on the wheelwell and you guys have told me about the regen procedure. Not perfect but I liked it because the dashboard lights and buttons are the same as my L4701.
  3. Bark

    L4701 Engine model and series

    Decided to jot down my engine S# on my L4701 just in case I ever needed it. Couldn't find it. Finally found something that might be it but went to the Kubota web site to make sure I was looking at the right spot and now have a headache. The number I found is 5 characters and their site says...
  4. Bark

    50 Hour L4701 Filters. Thanks for the help but I still messed it up (a little)

    -Could not have done it just by using the manual. Engine oil and filter, no problems though my two oil pan bolts are on the bottom, not the sides. -Had to buy an Irwin vise grip locking chain clamp (thanks wgator) after I toasted a couple of other oil wrenches on the transmission hydraulic oil...
  5. Bark

    FEL slowly goes down.

    I know I cant be the first person to have an issue with this but after spending a lot of time searching I cant find a post or solution. Today it was pallet forks and a 250 lb generator as the only weight on the FEL. I was working on the gen and noticed the loader was still slowly going down by...
  6. Bark

    Torque wrench

    My old click style 1/2" snap-on torque wrench "disappeared" from the back of my truck. My fault for trusting people. Any recommendations for a good replacement for torqueing bolts on the Kubota at a fair price. I like quality tools but to replace it with another snap-on is a lot of $.
  7. Bark

    Draining water from clutch housing revisited

    Was looking for prior posts on this so I saw an older post talking about removing the clutch housing plug. My newer machine apparently has the split pin I can push to see if there is any water before having to remove the clutch housing plug. 1: Since its an HST, is that thing I am looking at...
  8. Bark

    New L4701. Should dealer have checked a few things?

    Love the new tractor and have learned a lot. However, after it was delivered (and after using the flail mower for awhile) I went to open the hood to stare at stuff. 1: Couldn't get the pin out of the front guard without using a hammer and drift. Had to use a small round file to remove a lot...