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    B7800 telescoping stabilizers? using B2910 OEM parts?

    I’m trying to verify whether or not B2910 OEM telescoping stabilizers are compatible with a B7800. Found post on another tractor forum stating they do fit, but I’m unable to verify as post is several years old. thanks
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    B7800 Hydraulic fluid overfilled???

    Bought used B7800HST, less than 200hrs, dealer started and test run was completed, they assured me they did full service check. My bad not checking fluids, but after 40 minutes of use I smelled hydraulic fluid. Come to find out it was overfilled by a gallon or so. Local rental mechanic said...
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    B7800 deal or not?

    Hi All, have B2400, but no FEL. Sadly, aftermarket FEL too expensive. Searched used tractor sites for a week and found deal on 2008 B7800, well under 12k, only 178hrs FEL and 60" mower. Deal or not? Also resale on 1999 B2400, bare tractor 1240hrs, what asking price is reasonable? Thanks ALL :)...