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    Pallet Fork Modification

    Hey guys, I messed up and bought pallet forks form my L2900 that don't quite fit. It's a pin-on style. It's only off by 1/4''-1/2''. I'm looking for opinons as to whether it's worth trying to modify, or look for a new set. Adjustable loader style forks are almost impossible to source...
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    Loader Lift Cylinder

    Hey Guys, General question relating to lift cylinders. I recently purchases a L2900 that has a Woods 165 DuAl Front end loader. Both from the mid 90's. I had the bucket off today to grease the pins. I noticed when I operate the bucket curl control, only the RH lift cylinder operates until...
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    B Series Alternator bracket

    He fellows, I'm in the process of converting from a dynamo to 60A alternator on my B7200. I was able to locate all the necessary mounting bracket and parts. These alternators were an option on the B6200, B7200, B8200, & B9200 tractors, and standard on European models (I believe). Kubota made...
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    WTB: Kubota B7200 4x4 Ag Rims

    Hi All, Looking for a set of Ag rims from my B7200 4x4. Fronts are 5x12, and the rears are 8x16. It currently has the turf setup I'm looking to get rid of. Thanks, Brandon
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    B7200 Rear Hydraulic Tap Point

    Hi fellows, I'm in the process of overhauling a new to me B7200, and I'd like to install a hydraulic top link to work a boom pole. The only issue is the hydraulic tap block is up front by the fuel filter bowl, and I'd like to save that tap point for my snowblower lift cylinder anyway. Kubota...
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    Kubota B7200 Rear Rim Width

    Howdy all. I recently purchased a B7200 to replace my B7100. It came with turf tires which wont work for me. I know I need a 6-12 front R1 tires, and the Kubota rims are 12X5JA rims. I want to put 9.5-16 R1 tires on the rear. Kubota wants $350+ a rim. I have a local guy who can make them...
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    Help with oil leak

    Hey Guys, 79 B7100 has an oil leak on the back right hand side of the block somewhere. Had a small puddle on the garage floor. See attached pics. Replaced rear main this summer and it's not leaking out the plug in the bellhousing, so that's ok. Thought it was an oil pan gasket, so I just...
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    B7100 locks up in 2WD

    Hey guys, Was hauling a small trailer today. Had about a half ton of wood in it. My procedure for getting it up the back yard is to put it in 6th, 4x4 with the diff lock engaged. I need enough momentum to get it up the hill since the trailer weights more than the tractor. I guess I stressed...
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    B7100 leaking oil from odd location at head

    Hello, I purchased a 79 B7100 this summer and have been slowly replacing parts as needed on it. I put it back together and all seems to work well except for two oil leaks. The first leak is a bad rear main seal, unfortunately. The second is from two odd locations on the cylinder head...
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    Kubota B7100 / 6100 Front PTO shaft measurements

    Greetings, I'm a new B7100 owner and am on a quest to get my B748A snowcaster operational before winter hits. I have every piece I need with the exception of the front PTO shaft. I understand this part has long been discontinued. I'm am trying to get a machine shop to manufacture one to...