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  1. Tomcat

    What Size Disc?

    Ok, I've searched hi and low for a disc for my B7000 to no avail. Saw a hiller mounted on a B6000 for sale but it was gone when I went back to buy it, so no measurements. Found two different fab shops that can build me one. Question is: What size disc can my machine handle?
  2. Tomcat

    Shutting Down

    What's the preferred method of shutting down? Closing the throttle or pulling the decompression rod while idling?
  3. Tomcat

    Happy VD!

    I couldn't resist the title:rolleyes: Hope all you guys remembered the flowers etc. The wife gave me a red rose with my coffee this morning. I forgot what day it was!
  4. Tomcat

    Box Blade Build

    Over here a box blade is a new concept so I'm trying to design one. I've found a couple of fab shops that can do it "if" they have plans. I've found some plans and pics but I'm not sure what size my tractor will handle. Ideally it would be about 4ft in width as that's about the wheel-width of...
  5. Tomcat

    Yenibiz -Anybody Bought From Them?

    I was thinking of buying an English language B7000 WSM from these guys but I'm hesitant to do so because it's a photocopy and I don't want to buy a shite xerox copy. Any comments?
  6. Tomcat


    I'm a member of about a dozen sites for various purposes. I find it extremely irritating when other members post a response with no other purpose than boosting their post count. Seems to me, that if you don't have anything to contribute other than "Hi, I'm -----" it's better to lurk IMHO.
  7. Tomcat

    Reversing Wheels

    I'll be taking off the front wheels so I can clean and inspect the hubs, etc. Something I regularly did back in my Jeep days. I noticed that I could gain a couple of inches in my front footprint if I reversed the wheels. Having the valve stem on the inside is not an issue. Bearing in mind...
  8. Tomcat

    Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

    I remember the days when I could carry my .22 or 20 gauge on the school bus from town 40 miles out to the hunting camp - with a note from my Mom... I could buy traps from S.S. Kresge (K-Mart for you youngsters)... I could stock up on ammo at the gas station... I could buy dynamite at the...
  9. Tomcat

    How Much Weight?

    Besides the obvious of whatever keeps the wheels on the ground, how much weight is enough on the front? Is there some "magic formula" for figuring out how many I should add? I finally got some suitcase weights and when trying to fit them on I realize they're going to be a PITA to take off...
  10. Tomcat

    Scarifier or Rake?

    Picked this up a couple of days ago. The holes for the lift arms are wallowed out but otherwise it seems ok. I need to add some weight to it and I'm guessing I will also need a proper top link to use it.
  11. Tomcat

    B7000 Wiring Diagram

    With the battery out and on the charger I noticed several wires in the dash that had been cut. I've searched the forum with no results. Some of the cut wires include the glow plug indicator and the warning light! :eek: Any B7000 owners with manuals out there that can help me with this mess?
  12. Tomcat

    Cell Phones

    I remember when cell phones were almost the size of WW2 walkie-talkies. Technology made them smaller and yet smaller. I've seen them as small as a credit card. Lately they're getting larger and and larger. The wife's latest phone is nearly 5x8! What the @#$%?
  13. Tomcat

    Sign Up

    Maybe one of those PITA "I'm a human" sign-up steps would stop some of the spammers.
  14. Tomcat


    The wife wanted me to post some pics of her aunt's new Kubota.
  15. Tomcat

    Tinytach Reviews

    I need to put a tach/hour meter on my tractor. Everywhere I look people are recommending Tinytach. I have yet to find a posting where someone actually installed one. I'm wanting to know if it's good or bad. Anyone?
  16. Tomcat

    Spell Check

    First off, let me point out that this is supposed to be humorous. I'm not going after anyone in particular. You know who you are!;) I see here at OTT and MANY other sites bad spelling in the posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm no A student. Far from it. If it hadn't been for all the shop classes...
  17. Tomcat

    Warmer Climes

    I keep seeing all these threads and posts about snow and snow blowers. I thought I would post a pic of the beach house I lived in for about 4 months a couple of years ago just to warm you up:
  18. Tomcat

    Dry Rot

    I've got a dry rot problem with my front tires. Any suggestions on how to keep it from getting worse?
  19. Tomcat

    At The Junkyard

    Went searching for goodies hoping to find stuff to build a box blade but came up empty.
  20. Tomcat

    Gear Whine

    My B7000 sounds like an old Jeep CJ3 in low range. The lube level is fine. I'm guessing this is normal?!?