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  1. skeets

    Home security system

    I know some have them ,what are you using, like just fire smoke and motion inside the house or cameras too. Seems we have some unsavory individuals lurking around. Sooo better safe than sorry,, any ideas you guys are using that work well
  2. skeets

    Here we go kids

    Read and understand the article, and please NO crazy comments. This is an important issue for ALL Americans
  3. skeets

    A l ittle prayer for our friends in the GWN
  4. skeets

    Did I miss something

    I have been looking for the last several week for a disc, just one disc maybe a 14 incher. There none to be found around here, like once upon a time every farmer had a couple worn out discs laying around he would give you. Not even the scrap yard has anything laying around, did the scrap prices...
  5. skeets


    Posted a web site with mantis tillers, I cant find it so if ya know where it is please let me know
  6. skeets

    MMM up and down

    OK guys I may hve missed it in the book, so here goes. The 3 PT on the B2601 lifts the MMM like on the BX. Now is there an adjustment someplace that lets the MMM lift along with the 3pt? As it is right now the 3pt is well over half way up before the MM starts to lift, and doesnt drop untill the...
  7. skeets

    Well I gota ask

    I stop to see a young Brother today, and see if he had any pork or beef in the freezer, since they farm an sell to the pubic. And ofcourse we got on about tractors and such, and here in lays the story. The boy has 2 larger L Kubota tractors and it has become appearent that the L is just not...
  8. skeets

    Just a little vent

    You know cleaning a place up after a loved one passes is never fun. And then come, what do I do with her stuff. Her kids and grand kids took what they wanted so what do I do with the rest. Clothing went to the City Mission Womans Shelter. And medical stuff, went to where it could be used. Lots...
  9. skeets

    Spring is here

    Yes I declarer it is officially spring, as the first ground hog of the year has met it's demise.
  10. skeets

    Gear heads

    We know this administration has it in for those gun guys, and now its gear heads
  11. skeets

    Junk Email

    Yes thats something we all get, for new windows or auto warranties or gawd knows what else. This morning, I went and checked my email for something from the Kid,, nothing from her, however there were 42 Emails for see my pictures, watch what me and my girl friend are doing, on and on and on...
  12. skeets

    I am jacked this morning

    Early inthe week the gas company let a note saying they were going to work on the lines. And they would be installing a gas tank for temp use while the work was going on. COOL gas I dont have to pay for. However either last night or this morning the gas tank runs dry. So I called the gas company...
  13. skeets

    Just something to think about

    “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices - to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for...
  14. skeets

    Seed potato's

    Anybody buying seed potato's? I figured I would pick up maybe 10 pounds for the garden today. They were going for 1.10 a pound loose. I know prices are going up but CHEEZE
  15. skeets

    BORA wheel spacers

    Pros Cons, where did you get them and what was the cost? Maybe I am overly sensitive but the B still seems way to tippy for old Dad on the hills and in the woods.
  16. skeets

    Where have I seen this before?

  17. skeets

    Pa to make Inter 79 a toll road

    Yup ,, we already have the highest gas tax inthe country,, yes more than Ca ,, and now because of the covid thing, the state PENNDOT needs more money because people are not driving enough to boost the coffers. As of right now PENNDOT wants to put a 1 or 2 dollar toll on 9 of the bridges on I 79...
  18. skeets

    fuel pump

    OK , well I guess I am officially old! I went to hoist a fuel can up to fill the wee beasty and found out I aint 21 no more. So with that in mind, what kinds of pumps, hand crank, or electric is anyone using. Yep I did have a barrel set on its side raised up and used gravity but I found I cant...
  19. skeets

    Grooving R4's

    OK I have to say that these R4's are not like the old ones. I never had a slipping problem of got hung up, these newer ones. Well lets say a slight grade and 4wd and a bit of snow and they sit and spin. So I know there was a thread aout grooving tires, and my question id for anyone that did it...
  20. skeets

    12x16.2 air pressure

    I have to ask if this is a misprint 40psi?