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    3 pt goes down TOO SLOW, B7100

    Hello, I just installed a new hydraulic pump on my B7100. The old one threads let loose inside the pump and the pressure line wouldn't hold. I have replaced all the "O" rings and copper crush washers. I also installed a new mess screen filter on the suck line. The old one was damaged...
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    B7100 Aux Gear Reduction unit

    I have an early model B7100 that has this Auxiliary Gear Reduction unit. I have had this tractor for 8 years now and I still know very little about this part of it. When I bought it, the previous owner said it was an auxiliary hydraulic unit, I knew that was wrong. Here is what I know, it...
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    Fuel sediment bowl not staying full

    Kubota B7100 I was tilling ground this yesterday and after about 100-125 feet of tilling, I started to lose power and tractor ran rough. I would stop tilling and throttle down, wait a few minutes and all would be fine. I soon noticed that the sediment bowl was about 3/4 to 1/2 full of diesel...
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    Steering issue B7100

    I am having an issue with steering on my B7100. As you are sitting in the drivers seat, I can turn as sharp as I want to the left, but to the right I can't go very far at all. Nothing is broken, bend or loose in the external steering system. I am the only driver and I haven't hit anything to...
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    B7100 Fuel Filter

    I have been replacing my fuel filter and oil filters with ones from Napa. I have been using part # 3389. The previous owner of my tractor had all the filter number written down in the owners manual that he used from napa. However, I am thinking it is now the wrong number. The filter did not...
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    Replacing Rear axle seals for Kubota B7100

    One of my rear axle seals is leaking and needs to be replaced. Of course this is when I need my tractor the most prepping ground for fall and winter plantings. I found this thread on the topic, Is it really this simple and maybe...
  7. J

    Broken Gear on PTO B7100

    Found out what the clicking/clunking noise was when I used the PTO, it was a broken tooth off one of the PTO gears. Now to see if I can get the part.
  8. J

    Clicking sound from PTO B7100

    I have a clicking sound that just started when the PTO is running. It is not there when the PTO is off. When I put it in the PTO speed 2, the clicking is faster, and PTO 3 it is even faster? Does anyone have any thoughts? From looking at a parts diagram, it looks like there is a bearing that...
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    Value of a one bottom plow

    I have a customer from my farmers markets that has a several 3 point implements that he is wanting to sell and I am interested in this one bottom plow. Anyone what it would be worth? I was thinking around $100.
  10. J

    Trading Tillers

    I currently have a Caroni FL1400 tiller, it is 56 inches wide. I have been using this on my B7100. According to their website, it will work for this tractor. It is in almost new condition. I bought it used last August. I found on craigslist a Bushhog RTS 40, it is a 38 inch wide tiller...
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    Bent attachment rod on 3 point

    Not sure what I hit, not sure when I hit it. All I know is that the rod that goes through the hitch and attaches the lower 3 point arms to tractor is bent on one side. i can turn it, so it isn't tight. What can I do to fix it? Take it off, heat it up and bend it back straight? Buy some...
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    Caroni FL 1400 tiller

    Picked up this tiller last weekend. It has barely been used. The paint was still on the tines. I am ordering a new slip clutch PTO as it just had a shear bolt and the shaft didn't look like it was right. I did hook it up and lightly tilled a previously tilled garden patch. It did a really...
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    7100 and Caroni FL1400 tiller

    Quick question, has anyone used a Caroni tiller on a B7100 or even used a Caroni tiller. I have found few reviews on them, but the ones I did find were all positive. It has a working width of 56 inches and the website says 15 to 40 hp. I have been borrowing a Landpride RTA 1550 for the last...
  14. J

    Getting bolt out of B7100 hub

    My valve stem cracked and my rear tire went flat. I tried to remove the bolt that goes through the axle, but it isn't coming out. I know it is not threaded, as I put this bolt in about 6 months ago. I have loosened the big bolt, the hub wiggles. I have driven it out the length of the bolt with...
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    Post Hole Digger question

    I have a question I haven't been able to find the answer too and I haven't had time to hook up everything and figure it out, yet and waiting until the weekend is going to kill me. When is the PTO shaft the shortest when you are using a post hole digger? I am borrowing my parents PHD and...
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    B7100 and a 54 inch box blade

    I bought this box blade for $200, sight unseen, based on 3 pictures (overall, ripper teeth and cutting edge) all looked really nice so I said I would take it. He said it was a 48 inch box blade, but when I went to pick it up it was actually a 54 inch. Since I drove the 1.5 hours, I didn't...
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    Sliding Rear tire back on B7100

    As the title said, my rear tire as slid closer to the wheel well. It is actually rubbing on the wheel well with the edge of the rim. Probably slid in 1 to 1.25 inches. I jacked it up and the wheel is tight on the shaft and I couldn't loosen the bolt (didn't spend much time with it as it was...
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    Video of my Plastic Mulch Layer

    I finally finished up my mulch layer enough to use tonight. I still have some bugs to work out, but I am happy to lay over 800 feet of plastic in no time at all. I need to work on the drip attachment, I was running it too deep. Also, I need to till everything before I try to use it again. I...
  19. J

    Plastic Mulch Layer

    While it isn't finished, waiting on parts to be shipped, I was able to put together enough of it that you can tell what it is. It is a mechanical plastic mulch layer with a drip irrigation attachment. I am pulling this with my B7100. I am missing ubolts that is the reason why I only have...
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    Single shank soil ripper

    I got my single shank soil ripper set up today, so I took it out for spin. It worked great, put the B7100 in low range, first gear and took off. I spun the tires a few times, but it did rip 12 to 15 inches deep. It was lots of fun!