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  1. sheepfarmer

    Anyone installed a stainless steel kitchen counter?

    I would like to replace my aging Formica counter top with a drop in sink with an all one piece stainless steel integrated sink, marine edges, L shaped one. They do this all the time in commercial kitchens. The advantage is no seams and corners to collect dirt and germs. They can be wiped down...
  2. sheepfarmer

    More on right to repair legislation or lack thereof

    Pretty interesting details in this article
  3. sheepfarmer

    Anyone have a "Magic Keyboard" ?

    No it doesn't type your homework for you... I am thinking about replacing this elderly Android tablet, haven't solved the Chrome tabs problem, and it is looking like I'll be spending the next 6 or 8 months on Zoom. I am sick of rrhing tontype on this touch screen, and stumbled on an ad for...
  4. sheepfarmer

    I like how this guy thinks!

    Stock pile this idea, could come in handy. I've seen square bales piled up around the foundations for insulation around here in the winter, but never round bales.
  5. sheepfarmer

    HVAC experts: question on detecting coolant leaks

    I have new Fujitsu heat pumps put in last October so this is first season for cooling. One outside compressor and three different Halcyon inside units. On one of the wall mounted units, I thought it smelled like antifreeze yesterday when it was running on "dry" mode. It seems to happen when...
  6. sheepfarmer

    Checking up on ott neighbors

    Some folks if they don't log on for a while we don't worry, but these days it is a little different. Michigan is not doing well, especially southern part. Hadn't seen any posts from Flip for a while, he lives down that way. Called to check, he and Amy are fine. Staying in. Computer down...
  7. sheepfarmer

    I screwed up again

    Sigh. I tried to put a handle up on a wall to use for balance going down the basement stairs, pried up the crumby paneling and peeked behind to make sure I had some wood underneath, thought I was good to go and drilled a pilot hole into a water line, probably part of the circulating hot water...
  8. sheepfarmer

    Electricians: need some kind of recording clamp on meter

    My solar panel installation has turned into some kind of nightmare. Among other things I don't believe the fancy software that is supposed to monitor the performance of the individual panels, the two inverters, and the total AC kWh being supplied. It behaves erratically. Today it showed one...
  9. sheepfarmer


    The term snowflake to describe a younger generation of kids is pretty derogatory, and several of us, me included, have had some pretty negative things to say about this age group. This blog writer has a different perspective...
  10. sheepfarmer

    New type of injectors

    I thought this sounded interesting.
  11. sheepfarmer

    Cleaning chaff off radiators

    I could be solving a problem that doesn't need to be solved, but I like this one. Both my L3560 and B2650 have other coolers in front of the radiator, and various other things in the way of accessing the...
  12. sheepfarmer

    No place like home!

    This also could be titled thank God for good neighbors!! I am finally home after 2 weeks in a hospital, and I cant tell you how great it is to be sitting in my favorite lazy boy chair with an English muffin with peanut butter and jam and a cup of tea. The floor is carpeted with dogs ( small...
  13. sheepfarmer

    Non hardening gasket sealant for oil drain plug?

    My Troy bilt rototiller needs its gear oil changed, looks disgusting. I suppose after 26 years its not surprising, but the manual says "rarely needs changing". :eek: I read the directions in the manual, which generally are wonderfully clear, as far as drain it and went off and collected 90W...
  14. sheepfarmer

    Computer geeks: read it and weep

    I have started reading the Mueller report, and the first few sections are the ways that the Russian organizations hacked servers, infiltrated networks, created personas to make posts on Facebook and so forth. The expression taking candy from a baby comes to mind. There are too many of us, me...
  15. sheepfarmer

    My iPhone is creeping me out!

    Help! I have no clue how this thing works, but here's what happened: I came home and set my iPhone 7 down on a table. It was off in the sense it had been left on the home screen, which goes off after about 10 seconds, and therefore it was automatically logged out. I made a call from my...
  16. sheepfarmer

    Wow 7 independent decks!

    Never seen anything quite like this, would be fun to drive, but I'd hate to be in charge of sharpening all the blades. Kubota engine.
  17. sheepfarmer

    Now what?

    Starting yesterday or so, when I pull up a thread to view the individual posts, the right hand half of the page is black and the left side has the post albeit in teeny tiny print. I am viewing on an android tablet, fairly new. I am suspicious of the ads, since any list of the threads from...
  18. sheepfarmer

    Recall on Kubota zero turn mowers

    The latest issue of Consumer Reports says that Kubota zero turn mowers sold from Nov 2017 through Sept 2018 for $6500 to $10,000 are being recalled for a ROPS defect that causes them to get loose and fail. The article doesn't specify the model. Contact your dealer or Kubota Corporation at...
  19. sheepfarmer

    Utility trailer rental: advice needed

    I would like to rent a trailer with low or no sides to go and pick up a load of lumber that was rough sawn from my black walnut trees and take it to a place that will make it into flooring. I am assuming it will be loaded and unloaded with a forklift (but that might not be true). The boards...
  20. sheepfarmer

    Fencing Project: Saws and fasteners

    After getting an estimate on some fencing repairs, I have decided to settle for patching up what I've got. I want to put up a 2 x 6 top rail on a section that has woven wire on the bottom and an electric wire on the top. The deer and the falling tree branches are always messing up the hot...