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    Kubota Detent Float Kit.... and extra parts???

    Well, it’s finally done. Put the new Detent kit in and it works perfectly. The youtube vid made doing this easy!! Thanks!
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    Kubota Detent Float Kit.... and extra parts???

    Ok, my turn at resurrecting this thread, which is great by the way! …Why? As the ‘22 Winter progressed the float detent was getting harder and harder to engage. During one snowfall and a good “smack up” on the stick, the next thing - no more detent. No more float…though, if I held the stick...
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    Toe and heal throttle pedal

    @doug49 I’m putting this idea on my “to do list” over the Summer. I’m new to Kubota myself and the one thing that is not particularly intuitive to me anyways…is that pedal operation. I’ve got an older Simplicity that has two pedals, going to see if something can be learned and incorporated...
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    Looking for BX2200 Belly Mower

    I have a BX2200 that is in need of a belly mower. So I’m just putting out feelers now to see whats available for an older machine like this. It does not have to be in as new condition by any means, just in good working order with all needed equipment to cut some grass! Looking in the upstate...
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    Diesel fuel treatment

    an old timer just told me he uses ATF in his diesel mix…anyone have a thought on that??
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    BX22 Air Filter Housing Question

    Hah, just came across this. I just popped the lid yesterday to do a routine fluid check and found the bracket was snapped. Upon closer look, is seemed that the previous owner welded the portion that bolts to the engine as well. I like the idea posted by someone where they bolted the air cleaner...