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  1. mendonsy

    Kubota B7100 with loader dimension has the dimensional data for all Kubota models listed and the attachements, but you will have to do a little math to get the total length with the loader.
  2. mendonsy

    My loader won’t stay up?

    I just had the cylinders on my loader rebuilt by my local dealer. I parked the tractor with the loader about 2" off the ground to just to test it. When I went back to use the tractor after 4 days the loader had not moved at all.
  3. mendonsy

    Get nothing when turning the key

    Also check to be sure that the PTO lever did not get bumped out of the neutral position. That will prevent starting.
  4. mendonsy

    B2601 and Pat's Quick Hitch

    The factory top links that come with the B series are a bit short so you will probably have to purchase a longer one. I got one from TSC when I installed my Pat's quick hitch about 10 years ago.
  5. mendonsy

    B2601 Warranty Expiring ($500 to extend for a year?). Pass, right?

    I would guess that Murphy's Law will apply. If you spend the $500 then nothing will go wrong with your tractor but if you don't there will probably be a problem.
  6. mendonsy

    Model, Age and operating hours

    B7500HST bought new in 1994. It has just over 400 hours.
  7. mendonsy

    No snow blower usage yet, happy new year

    We ended up with about 6" of wet snow over the weekend. Not what I wanted, but we are still about 20" below average for the season.
  8. mendonsy

    No snow blower usage yet, happy new year

    Last year was the first year that I didn't have to use the snow blower on my B7500. I was hoping for the same luck this year, but it looks that idea will come to an end this weekend.
  9. mendonsy

    Hard, smoky starting

    You might also try adding a fuel treatment such as Power Service to the fuel tank. I find that it helps my B7500 a lot in the winter.
  10. mendonsy

    B1750hst snow

    I bought a 54" Meteor 3ph blower with my B7500. It has been working fine for almost 20 years. They are made by M. K. Martin in Canada but there are distributors and dealers in the US.
  11. mendonsy

    B7800 will not start

    Also check that the PTO lever is in the fully off position.
  12. mendonsy

    I think my starter is bad. What else should I be looking at before buying a new starter?

    Check ALL of the connections between the battery and the starter including the grounds.
  13. mendonsy

    Snowblower on Gravel - Skid shoe question

    Those skids you found are exactly what you need, but I agree that the price is high. I made myself a set for my blower about 15 years ago for around $40. Maybe a local welding shop could make something to fit your blower for a lot less.
  14. mendonsy

    Smoke and run-on

    Possibly one of the fuel injectors stuck wide open??
  15. mendonsy

    Pat's Easy change quick hitch

    I have had a Pat's QH on my B7500 for several years. I bought a longer top link from TSC when I installed it. I have not had to make any changes to the PTO shafts on my attachments. The Pat's QH will fit almost any attachment without modifications. Other hitches severely limit the attachments...
  16. mendonsy

    Kubota B7800 (2008) Not Starting

    I had something similar happen with my B7500 a few years ago. It ended up being a very small split in the fuel line between the fuel filter and injector pump which caused the injectors to draw air.
  17. mendonsy

    B7500 Fuel starved when going downhill

    That sounds like there is something (crud) in the fuel tank which is restricting fuel flow when going down a hill.
  18. mendonsy

    B7200 Seat Replacement

    I bought one of the Black Talon model 440 seats when they were on sale a couple of years ago. They are a comfortable seat and it seems to be holding up well. The price then was about $120 but now they are around $300.
  19. mendonsy

    LA302 Front End Loader... breakdown,cleanup,repair + reassemble (PIC'S)

    You should probably be a bit careful about how much paint gets into the holes for the pivot pins. It could cause some problems when you get ready to re-assemble everything.
  20. mendonsy

    Lift arms too short

    It seems like they should work OK. You would have to use the CAT3 version of the quick hitch to match your tractor and add bushings to the CAT2 equipment. Mine are CAT1 and CAT2 so they are slightly different. I found some large flat washers that fit over the CAT1 hitch pins and used lynch pins...