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  1. tk1469

    L3200 vs L3800

    I have a L3800HST and sometimes wish I had more HP!! But I am glad I spent the extra $$ to get the L3800 instead of the L3200. Go for the L3800 - you'll like it.
  2. tk1469

    BrushHog - How Big for L3800HST?

    Thanks Guys for all the good advice. I can see that the 5 ft LP Hog would be the best performance-wise - but the 6 ft would allow me to get "up close" without putting my tires into the woods. The deciding factor could be the price and what I have in my "wallet". :D One last question: How...
  3. tk1469

    BrushHog - How Big for L3800HST?

    Number9: Thanks - that helps. I have an L3800HST too and my R4 filled rears are about 60" across. I'd like to be able to mow the edge of a wooded area without getting the front tires and/or loader into the woods itself. I was leaning towards a larger one - than 60" - but I might be taxing...
  4. tk1469

    BrushHog - How Big for L3800HST?

    What's the "stump jumper" option vs. shear bolt vs slip clutch? (please excuse my ignorance...)
  5. tk1469

    BrushHog - How Big for L3800HST?

    Somebody told me that there's a type that allows you to hit stumps or rocks and it won't shear off any pins? Is this an optional piece of equipment?
  6. tk1469

    BrushHog - How Big for L3800HST?

    I'm in the market for a brushhog (aka: rotary cutter) for my L3800HST. It has a PTO HP of: 30 according to the manual. How big of a brushhog can this handle? What other features should I be looking for in a unit? HELP !!
  7. tk1469

    Buying First Kubota L3800HST or JD 3038E? Why

    Just my two cents worth......I have an L3800 and really love it. It's a real work horse. I went with Kubota cause they make all their parts and as of late - most are made in Georgia. The resale value will be better down the road with a Kubota. I also heard that the JD engines are made in...
  8. tk1469

    Decided on L3800

    Congrats on your new L3800. I've had mine since June and it has nearly 80 hrs on it. Not a lick of problems and it has done EVERYTHING I wanted it to do. It has moved heavy wet deep snow with no effort at all. The main thing about the HST is DO NOT LET IT LUG DOWN. Keep the RPM's up to...
  9. tk1469

    HST pedal

    I live in Michigan and once it got cold I noticed that my HST pedal didn't always return to the true neutral position. But my Kubota mechanic told me to keep it lubricated with Chain Lube. I give it a quick spray every now and then and its been PERFECT even in subzero weather. Good Luck.
  10. tk1469

    Installing Lights on ROPS

    The reason I'm going with the LED lights is because they only draw 2.2 Amps each - while the 55 Watt regular work lights pull about 5 Amps each. I want to add 3 lights and have them all run on the existing 10 amp work light circuit available at the rear of the L.R. fender. Putting 3 regular 55...
  11. tk1469

    Installing Lights on ROPS

    Re: Installing Lights on ROPS (round vs rectangle) I want to thank all of you out there for providing such good advice on installing lights on the ROPS. I have decided to go with the 27 Watt LED flood lights from AutoIllumination.Com. But undecided on whether the round or rectangular lights...
  12. tk1469

    L3800 Reviews?

    I have a L3800 HST with FEL (with quick attachs). The tractor has about 60 hrs on it and I really like it. The only problem I've had with it is the seat switch which needed to be replaced by the dealer (warranty) cause the tractor would shut off when I stood up. Other than that - the unit has...
  13. tk1469

    Installing Lights on ROPS

    I have a L3800 and several Kubota mechanics have told me that the taped up wiring harness on (my) left fender is the 10 Amp "work light" circuit. Mine tested hot and ready to go. The problem is that most halogens pull a fair amt of amps so putting 3 on that circuit is pushing it. If I can...
  14. tk1469

    Rear Blades - Which Brand ??

    I suspect that there are numerous other threads out there on this subject - but I'm going to ask it again. My apologizes... I'm looking for a rear (back) blade for my L3800 that will be used to clean up snow - along with my FEL. I'm looking for a 7 ft blade that is GOOD QUALITY that is in the...
  15. tk1469

    Hydrolic filter and fluid change.

    I have an L3800 HST and approaching the 50 hr mark. If I chose to replace the Hydraulic and Transmission fluid - how do I do this ?
  16. tk1469

    How do you change the transmission fluid on a L3800 - as part of the 50 hr maintenance?

    How do you change the transmission fluid on a L3800 - as part of the 50 hr maintenance?
  17. tk1469

    Changing oil in L3700 SU tractor

    Did you start the tractor and allow the oil filter to fill with oil. This may account for the difference.....??
  18. tk1469

    Jerky Loader on L2800

    I wanted to get back to all of you guys about my L3800 with a jerky 3PH. The Kubota mechanic was able to "adjust" it so that it operates smooth as silk now - on both the upward and downward strokes. Not sure what he did - but I'm glad that I didn't have to escalate it and push for a new valve...
  19. tk1469

    Warranty Work - Billed How to Kubota ?

    I have an L3800 in the shop now for a jerky 3PH - which has been "beat to death" by many other threads, but my question is this: The mechanic will undoubtedly spend a good amount of time working on this issue - as it seems adjusting the proportioning valve and feedback linkage can be time...
  20. tk1469

    New Member

    Welcome to OTT. Feel free to ask whatever questions you have about your new BX1500 or any other Kubota machine. You will find that there are a LOT of good people on this Forum with TONS of useful information. And - as always - pictures are most welcome. Again - welcome aboard.