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    Backhoe steel

    If they're that cautious they shouldn't listen to SGOTI, but here's a (poor) picture of where a previous owner of my L35 welded 3/8" grab hooks on my bh boom for chains to replace the latch pins. My nephew also welded the thumb bracket onto the stick.
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    Setting up WoodMaxx chipper.

    The chemicals in pressure treated wood might be corrosive, they recommend corrosion-resistant screws. How about a plastic piece?
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    M4900 front wheels

    It's a parts diagram from I looked at several M4900 models before I found a 24". BTW, you won't like the price. If you look long enough, you may find a one-piece. If it was mine, I'd have it repaired, these aren't highway vehicles.
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    2014 l4701 hst oil cooler line

    Generally, the WSM tells how to disassemble and reassemble a system, not an individual part. How to remove, overhaul and replace the engine, not how to replace just the water pump. Kubota assumes some mechanic experience. But don't despair, OTT is here. Repairing that line should be fairly easy...
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    M4900 front wheels

    Have you checked with a dealer or called Messick's? I found a 2-piece.
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    Easiest path to an Ag Exemption?

    A quick search found NCDOR. Noodling around, it seems you need a qualifying farmer certificate. Looks to me like you need $10,000/yr of farm income. There's a FAQ section you can study. Edit: NCL4701's response below is more complete and experience-based. My reference is for sales tax...
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    Hydraulic oil level

    When the cylinder is extended, the volume is full of fluid. When it's retracted, the rod displaces a substantial volume of fluid, even though the annular space between the rod and cylinder is 'full', so the total volume of fluid in the cylinder is less.
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    Weird response from hydraulics at start up

    No, there is almost no pressure before the pump, so there may not be a drip. If you see any evidence of seepage, there's a leak. Squeeze any suction hoses and see if there's a crack. No again, any air on the discharge gets passed off when it returns to the sump. You've reminded me that I need...
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    Weird response from hydraulics at start up

    Assuming this is an L2501HST. Check the fluid suction line from the sump, through the filter, to the hydraulic pump. Leaks are a common source of air getting in.
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    Finish Mower

    Sounds like the added weight is a significant factor. There's a slight rise in our road, when I'm going up in high gear, both tractors noticeably labor. Thinking about it, they both outweigh my truck but with 35-50 hp instead of 100+. Does the added area you cut on the level outweigh the loss...
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    KubotaUSA Site Improvements

    Prices will never be right again. Lumber mills are losing money, shutting down; but an 8' 2x4 is pushing $4. And my trees are at 20-30 year ago price.
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    You can also do a Google search with 'B1200'. The results included this string which included a reference to some 3pt parts which should fit your tractor. Do yours look like this?
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    I'm no expert on Kubota's, and especially a B1200. I'm hoping one of the experts will chime in. 1. The plow you want to use, is it 3 pt hitch compatible? Do you already have it? 2. There is a free pdf Operators Manual available at It has no reference to the 3ph, so was of...
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    KubotaUSA Site Improvements

    No equivalent site for Canada?
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    Radiator Plug

    Many people avoid the issue by pulling the lower radiator hose instead of tempting fate.
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    Serial number on older Kubota tractor

    Extra t on the end.
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    Long Term Diesel Storage?

    The issue then is 'breathing' humid air in for it to condense water into the fuel. The more vapor space, the more moisture. Less of a problem if it's in a desert or constant temperature room.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Thanks, now I get it. When Bmyers posted it with another caption, it went over my head. Put Janet Reno in charge.
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    Serial number on older Kubota tractor

    We're going to have to send you back to school! Try