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    Rear Remote recommendations- Its time

    Thanks To all for the great information. I talked to my dealer yesterday and was quoted $1150 for parts. We did not talk about installation at the dealer. I am really liking how clean OEM looks.
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    Rear Remote recommendations- Its time

    Thanks for all of the help and replies. I am completely uneducated on technical aspects of this. What would the difference between the float detent and spring center valves? Also, what would be some cases where I would need more than the base kit? I am assuming the base kit would allow me to...
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    Rear Remote recommendations- Its time

    When I purchased my L4701- I thought-- "I don't need to pay extra for rear remotes"........ bad call....... Fast forward and I wanted to rent a No till drill from the local conservation district, and discovered that it required rear remotes for use. SO- What are the best options for self...
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    New Purchase

    I went with the L4701 vs mx5400 due to availability, trailering with my current truck trailer set up as well as price. I bought mine during the tractor shortage of Covid and it was on the lot. I wanted gear drive and the MX5400 on the lot was hst. I weighted my rear tires and don’t have any...
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    L02 series seats for L01 series tractors

    I for sure don't know first hand, but the driver for this post was this snip from the kubota site. How relative the term "improved" suspension is, I don't know lol.
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    L02 series seats for L01 series tractors

    Will the seat from an L4802 fit an L4701? I would love to upgrade the seat on my 4701. Thanks in advance.
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    Toe-in adjustment

    This is putting words to what I was seeing. But I didn’t know what to call it. Thank you. Looking at it again this evening it’s the camber that seems unusual to me. The toe it is within spec. I’m assuming that the camber is too since it’s not adjustable there are just certain angles I look at it...
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    L3902HST - Over-running clutch

    I’ve actually had fairly good luck with shear pins and running “budget” rotary cutters a lot harder than they get credit for. For about 12 years I ran a lower mfgr Andy 500 with shear bolts and cut pretty much anything my tractor would run down along with hitting my share of rocks and stumps...
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    Changing to 4 wheel drive

    This is what I do. Seems to work well for me. I'm finally growing out of the force it until it does what I want or breaks.... my batting average was getting to low with that method.
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    Toe-in adjustment

    This is great. thank you'
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    Cultipacker options

    L4701dt and a moderately well drained silt loam
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    Cultipacker options

    I’m looking for opinions and experiences on what folks are using for cultipackers- What’s the pros and cons of 3 point vs tow behind how much does one need to weigh to be useful what are some good commercially available options if I can’t find a used one at auction. my primary use would be...
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    Toe-in adjustment

    I’m looking for some practical ideas for measuring the toe-in of my front wheels I have a Kubota l4701with just under 150hrs the tie rods still have marks from where they were set at assymbly and those still match but still when I look at the tractor somthing with the way the front wheels sets...
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    L4701 vs L4060 Purchase for Hill Country

    I went L4701DT. price was a factor. I would have liked an MX but price was a factor. for me the 4701 is still the nicest and first new/modern tractor I have ever operated so compared to what I was used to it’s a Cadillac. weighted the tires and off I go. you won’t go wrong either way I think.
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    Looking for Alternatives to KTAC Insurance

    I just went through this. I was about to extend my KTAC. Since I waited longer than 30 days after payoff I was going to have to pay for an inspection to certify to KTAC that it was in acceptable shape to insure. I understand this and was prepared to do that but on a shot I called State Farm and...
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    Tools Used

    My farm is an hour away from my home and my work schedule is pretty hectic so I try to limit down time risk which may or may not work and pack as much as reasonable. I put an larger tool box on my tractor to hold more supplies, in the on tractor tool box I have: all sizes of wrenches and...
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    L4600D or L4600HST - Manual or Hydro?

    I own an L4701DT (Gear Version) and have used gear tractors almost exclusively, except some limited work with others HST tractors to help and to test drive. So I do have a built in leaning towards gear drive. All that said, my uses are very similar to yours, except I do quite a bit of tillage...
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    KTAC after Payoff Question

    I paid off my L4701 and I'm planning to continue the KTAC. I did want to confirm somthing on the wording though- I know the fee is per year, but will I have the option to continue it for just 1 year and then no longer- or- as long as I pay their yearly rate- I can continue the coverage? thanks...
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    Turn buckle ?

    On my old L3000dt I always felt like the turnbuckles were a week point. I bent several. Enough that I kept 2 spare sets around at all times. The concept was fine I guess, but in the field they didn’t hold up to bushogging, tilling and blading very well. Tended to bend. I did learn finally that...
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    What About Your Tractor Makes You Swear?

    L4701- the 3 point lift arms not having the adjustable ends and similarly it has the upgraded stabilizers but they don’t have enough travel when I mount my tiller so I have to completely unhook them i had a small coolant leak but that’s not a regular thing too much electronic/ecm. I knew it...