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  1. barts

    Machining question for lynnmor

    Remember that if you don't have a DRO on your mill, you need to work taking the backlash into account.
  2. barts

    Machining question for lynnmor

    I bought a co-ax indicator on sale, but there are a lot of ways to do this. Blondihacks goes through a bunch of them here: She does a great job on these videos; clear, calm and focused.
  3. barts

    The first b5100 Delorean

    I've had it lifting the uphill wheel, especially when there's a load in the bucket. When I get the new shop done and I have a place to do metal working again, I'm going to work on some more weight attached to the loader sub frame, as close to the rear axle as will fit.
  4. barts

    The first b5100 Delorean

    I've got mine flipped out as wide as they'll go... but I may have more side hills....
  5. barts

    a little hydraulics help for a n00b...

    RectorSeal #5 is what I've used for tapered pipe threads since I worked in Ag Engineering at UC Davis back in the early 80s. Works well, works on steam stuff too.
  6. barts

    Cylinder Lockout Devices for Kubota LA844 FEL

    Our yellow 110 TLB has lockouts from the factory. I should have something for our little B5100.
  7. barts

    Keeping the cab clean

    My wife or her sister (many years ago, don't remember which, maybe both :) ) backed into my old motorcycle. +1 for crash bars, no damage save for some paint scratches on the crash bars fixed w/ a rattle can. I quickly learned not to mention it ever again.
  8. barts

    SWAG 20T HD Finger Brake

    You might ask on if you don't get any bites... that does look like a useful unit, though.
  9. barts

    Found my dream welder

    Or consider a TIG welder :)
  10. barts

    Do they make a larger pedal for locking rear end

    I use the diff lock on my little B5100 when the traction shifts rapidly from tire to tire - typically in deep snow, or in mud when dragging a log... When one tire is spinning consistently, using that tire's wheel brake actually works better, and I don't have to stop to engage it, unlike the...
  11. barts

    D1402 Bandmill Project

    This may also prove useful:
  12. barts

    Caterpillar tracks on my B5100

    These are Western tent caterpillars...
  13. barts

    Caterpillar tracks on my B5100

    We have quite the plague of tent caterpillars this year....
  14. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    Yup... I remember when I started welding about 50 years ago... welding is one of those skills that the only way you get better at it is to do it. Sure, someone explaining what's going wrong helps, but there's really no substitute for just burning lots of rod or wire. Congratulations on...
  15. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    > I did not, if I can figure out how to get the gun in there I'll give that a whirl, I guess > anything is better then nothing on that part For next time, grind a bevel on the outside of the bushings after they're cut to length such that the bevel matches the thickness of the side of the arm...
  16. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    I went back and checked my B219; the only ones w/ Zerks left are the main pins at the top of the vertical posts. I think there may have been some at the end of the cylinder rods, but they're gone/broken off. Meh. Grease what you can w/ something sticky and EP rated every so often and they'll...
  17. barts

    Pulling T-Posts

    My dad once hired a guy to mow his pasture/hay lot. The fellow showed up w/ a nice flail mower, and tried getting close to the edges, and found a bunch of wire mesh that got wrapped around that flail really tight... What a miserable job getting that stuff off. Now that I'm managing the place...
  18. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    If you have the time, drill & tap (1/4-28 works) for some Zerks so you can grease the thing easily... if that's a bridge too far, pack the joints w/ a nice sticky waterproof EP grease when you put it together.
  19. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    For what it's worth, the stock pressure relief valve on my B219 cracks open at about 800 ps; this appears to be about 500 lbs at the bucket based on guessed weight of rockets. By the way, for a quick calculation of lift through all the linkage, etc, just measure the travel of the cylinder at...
  20. barts

    Kubota b7100 FEL build on a budget

    I adapted a B219 to my B5100; if you need any measurements, just ask. - Bart