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    Rear Remote recommendations- Its time

    I added two rear remotes on my B2650, which is quite different than what you have for space. It works well and is all out of the way, just below my right butt cheek. Levers come forward right next to the seat. Another idea if you’re not going to be using the rear remotes much, and don’t...
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    X-Blades on a BX2380 / 60” deck

    I have a Toro Titan 60” ZT mower and tried the X-blades with the adapters that were shown above. For my machine, it was too much weight and it sounded horrible starting the blades. Once spinning, the cut was great. The debris shooting out was absolutely destroyed. I used them just one time...
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    Finish or Flail Mower advice

    I mow similar looking land with my B2650 and WoodMaxx FM-62 flail mower. I have Y-Blades on mine and it works well. A finish mower would leave it a bit cleaner, but we live in western Oregon. AKA the blackberry Capitol of the universe. The flail obliterates blackberries and all other brushy...
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    Recommendations on a Hyd top link for an MX6000

    Walk in? Probably not. Order online? Sure. That’s easy! He ain’t fast, but he’s really really good. And a strong member here. @MtnViewRanch
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    Grapple Grappling

    I’ve beat the crap out of my LP 0660 on my B2650. Other than paint wear, it’s still great. I grease where the grease goes and keep on truckin’. I don’t think the B2650 has enough nuts to hurt the 0660… So far, it’s still my favorite tool and everyone should own one.
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    Maybe start with selling that lake house…
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    B2650 Rear Work Light Switch

    On my ROPS B2650, there was a pair of wires left secured under the right-rear fender, below the turn signal area. This circuit is switched by the headlight switch. If you add lights (120W max for the circuit) and wire them to the leads under the fender, they’ll come on when you hit your...
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    Box blade suggestions for MX4800

    Apologies if I missed it, but what’s the tractor you’ll be hooking this wagon to? I was lucky to find a very lightly used (looked like zero use) Woods 60” box blade for my B2650. Wouldn’t want any bigger if you plan to fill it up, but it’s a very nice piece.
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    Diesel can fit

    Can’t argue with your logic on that one! I was just posting a good 5-gallon can option for those that complain about the more commonly available 5-gallon garbage cans and the silly nozzles on them.
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    Diesel can fit

    Easiest 5-gallon jug for a tractor I’ve ever used: Puts the whole can in the tractor in less than a minute, and you just hold your hand on it for balance. If the tractor is...
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    Not a bad point, and I appreciate that you’re willing to let the conversation continue. Would be nice to see the topic snug up a bit though…. Folks are still being civil with the beating of the dead horse! That’s probably the most important thing.
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    Another vote to close the thread. It’s not going to get better, only further derailed. Good topic, but it’s ran its course.
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    New Toy

    Oof!!! Might be telling you it’s time to shit or get off the pot!
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    New Toy

    Come to think about it, she asked the same thing when the B2650 was delivered… I swear, we communicate. She just doesn’t listen.
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    New Toy

    About 8-9 years ago, I started talking about looking for a small fishing boat. She pretended to listen, and I started looking. One Friday afternoon, I let her know that I was going to go check out a boat in Bend, which is about 100 miles from me. Took our 5-year old daughter for a ride, and...
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    Hydraulic Oil funnel??

    Getting tranny fluid into my Tundra is an odd one also. The fill port is on the side, just above the front driveline. My fix is a 5’ length of 5/8” OD clear vinyl tubing that I snake down behind the driver side valve cover from above. The tubing slips snugly into the fill hole on the trans...
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    WoodMaxx flail mower

    I’d get the flail and run the tar out of it in the brush. Plant some grass and Jeep mowing the brush till it finally gets choked out. When we bought our place, it was a pretty good blackberry farm. My wife prefers to not use spray unless necessary, and the mow, mow, mow, grass method worked...
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    Too bad for Homestead, but there is a zero point zero percent chance that I would extend myself to a company for any period of time that could potentially exceed the limits of an easy refund or dispute. I’d be perfectly honest with the sales person about my intent to pull funds during that...
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    Fair to assume it’ll continue till the last person gets their money back or Ted issues a formal and personal apology to each member. Also, that one fella still didn’t post his paystub. Some other dude is pretty sure that he needs to do that I think. In all seriousness, I hope people get...
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    Everything Attachments - Bankrupt?

    So, Regarding the credit card companies…. Not trying to argue that they may be the best bet for personal reconciliation; I believe that’s part of what their ~3% seller’s fee covers. But, will they have a right to sue or lien the company if it is determined to have been fraud? Please know...