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    In-ground Pool Utilities

    Hi All- Finally got on the list for our inground pool installation this summer. That being said, I wanted to reach out to see if the following makes sense with regard to locating utilities around the pool. Here are my thoughts (feel free to add/be critical) 1. Running 1- 1/4" Gas line for the...
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    B2601 No ACC Power, No Start

    Had a similar issue on my 2601; frustrated the heck out of me for a week. Bought a new controller board- not the problem and dealer would not honor a return (not cheap). I thought I checked all fuses, but the one that I thought was fine was a 5-amp that controlled the dash lights and for some...
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    2013 B2650 cab HST with suspected speed control safety switch problem.

    Had a similar problem; I believe that fuse also traces back to the accessory cluster (under rear fender). I couldn't find the issue after removing dash, seat, and inspecting all safety switches. Also- it would prevent the tractor from starting.....2015 B2601. Pulled the fuse and all was good.
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    The beast died...

    Any blown fuses? Does the fuel solenoid activate when you turn the key? Perhaps take off starter and examine the relay/solenoid system?
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    2601 Electrical Issue

    Thank you so much! lifesaver!!!
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    new kubota b2301 owner operator

    Ballast box; I have the Kubota version which adds approximately 600lbs; its compact too so it comes in handy in tight situations.
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    b2601 Control Board 6C190-55513 For Sale

    Bought one new to address a problem, however, not the defective part. Dealer will not accept return for electronics. New was approx $200; $75 OBO.
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    2601 Electrical Issue

    Thanks for the reply. After replacing safety switches and control board......still no start. Found that the headlight panel fuse (10 amp) blown. Replaced....blew again. Traced back to the lighting/operational switch. Upon removing the switch, tractor now starts, runs normally. When applying a...
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    2601 Electrical Issue

    Hi all- B2601 approx 500 hours; zero issues until Sunday morning. Tried starting and nothing even after a jump attempt. Here are the symptoms: -no “clicking” from starter -ignition powers all circuits (accessories, glow, and starter) -wire from the ignition switch to relay module is working...
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    B2601 200hr service

    Just performed my first 200 hr. service in the B. After topping off all fluids and respective filter changes I started it up. Was a bit surprised at the amount of initial black smoke and all I can explain a”chugging” sound for about 3-4 seconds. Ran normal, brought to operating temp and shes...
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    B2620 vs. B2601

    BTW: Headlights still stink...
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    B2620 vs. B2601

    I was proud owner of a new B2620 in 2014; in 2015 tractor meets truck; truck totals B2620. Took receipt of me B2601; a few highlights: Power seems the same, however, it appears to be quieter Love the SSQA set up; B2620 was pin on; welcome to the world of new attachments. Banana pedal a little...
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    B2601 but what implements and attachments?

    I would strongly recommend the QA for your loader. I have a 2016 B2601 and would not live without it. My old B2620 had the pin on style and was a real PITA. Definitely ballast box, forks, and some ROPS lights. I would consider a Piranha Bar as well if you want to do any minor digging; the...
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    Equipment Abuse?

    I want to see what he had in mind for that tiller; surface grind the street?
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    Looking for advice on a ballast box

    I have the same exact set up you do; got a deal on the Kubota factory box ($240 I think). Set 1 1/2 and 2" pvc pipes for tools and filled with concrete. Made a huge difference. When not using I store on a 4 faster moving dolly shored up with some 2x6s; it can be lowered and disengaged quickly...
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    These dang TALL rops!

    Last winter after clearing drive pulled into garage..... forgot about the newly installed suspended heater...... Also clocked the kiddos new swing set while mowing; ripped the LEDs clean off. Now I keep it down if I am doing most chores and if I am on flat ground; always use with the FEL.
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    2601 pricing

    Picked up my 2601 in Illinois; 60" MMM and QA loader with light bucket and 42" Berlon forks= $19,200 OTD
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    B2601 50 Hour Service

    Thanks all; I appreciate the guidance.
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    B2601 50 Hour Service

    Looked at the manual; $95/hour here around Northern Illinois. Total labor was 2 hours. They charged $60 to pick up, I took home from dealer. Just seems a bit high but shame on me for not asking.