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    Backhoe Bucket Modification?

    I now have a 16" bucket on my BH70X and am happy. The only thing I would be looking for is a small bucket for trenching. Good ideas though, thanks for replying.
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    B7800 Hydraulic hook ups for a backhoe?

    I have a B7800 and am confused on which hoses go where and how and what direction the flow works in them. I am hooking up a Woods BH70X and as far as I understand it goes like this. Backhoe in-line from backhoe to loader pby hook up at loader control valve and backhoe out-line from backhoe to...
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    Backhoe Bucket Modification?

    Has anyone out there ever modified an older Woods model backhoe bucket for a newer hoe (BH7500 bucket to a BH70X)? Or something similar. I don't have the buckets to look at physically myself right now so any advice would help. Thanks.
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    Brush Hog BH750 for a B7800?

    Does anyone know much about this make/ model BH? Trying to find out if my B7800 is enough tractor for it. They rate this backhoe for a wide range of horsepower and the GPM requirement for it is 8gpm. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks.
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    Backhoe BL 4690?

    Thanks for the confidence builder, I do have skills and have been apprehencive about getting into such a project as building my own subframe, but there is no way I can justify over a thousand dollars for some machined pieces of metal when I'm mostly paying for custom design and the material...
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    Simple Kubota Line Backhoe Breakdown?

    Could someone please make it simple for me when these models were made and how the backhoe lines would break down? For example K650 I would assume 6.5 foot digging depth what year range was the K series made in? BH65/ BH75....6.5 and 7.5 foot digging depth. What year range were they made in...
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    Backhoe BL 4690?

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like that hoe could be on the heavier side. Could be a good thing, if it matched up well. I am concerned after reading some stories about this hoe attached via 3-point to B2910's and other wise, where it stresses the transmission case. I am worried about stress on...
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    Backhoe BL 4690?

    Was recently talking to a guy about a BL 4690 Kubota backhoe for my B7800. Don't know much about this model. What year range were they made in? This guy thought it was like a 2000 model. I have seen that it has a 7.5 foot digging depth. Was wondering how much it might weigh? and if it would...
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    Wanting used BH6500 or BH70X for my B7800

    Looking to buy a used BH6500 or BH70X for my B7800. Would prefer 4-point subframe included. Thanks. 406 885 6193 Travas.
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    Woods subframe and fabrication?

    I have a B7800 and am looking at Woods backhoes. Woods B7500 or BH70X. Have seen the BH70X hooked up to a somewhat comparable tractor via subframe, but was wondering if anyone out there has tackled fabricating their own subframe for this scenario? And if so, how easy or hard it might have...
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    Woods Backhoe for Sale

    I am not familiar with your model woods, but the price seems completely out of line. I have a B7800 and if you came with in reason I would talk to you about buying it off of you.