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    Do you need a truck?

    I use my truck most weeks for hauling stuff and then towing the boat and other trailers at least monthly as well as several weeks of off roading in the sand down in Hatteras NC every year. My truck is a tool not a cowboy Cadillac.
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    I have the 12000/15000 straight gas version and have no complaints. I only have about 10 hours on it ver the last two years. I went larger so I could get hot water and my well pump. Too old for cold showers when the hurricanes and ice storms take the power out for day/weeks.
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    Ooops I broke a cutting deck

    I had great success with left hand drill bits, and air drill and then an easy out. I had one of the infamous 2008 Ford Triton Engines with the exhaust manifold studs that would beak as well as the broken spark plugs. I suddenly became very good at getting broken stuff out of the old engine...
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    Whos into home grown

    98 degrees and dry as heck here. Got down to dig the little row of potatoes so they don't cook in this heat. And then fed the spoils to my fertilizer manufacturers.
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    Whos into home grown

    A little haul about a week ago. My sweet corn should be good near the end of this week and my tomatoes are turning red. We need some rain really bad but I can water the garden a bit to keep it alive.
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    Is this attached correctly?

    That's how mine is connected. I have used it for a couple of seasons and it works well.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Even though I am only in my 60"s, I have used both the brace and bit and the ole manual drill over the years. :oops::oops:
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    Pulled a Dumb One

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    Pulled a Dumb One

    Yeah, she has given me a hard time. Fortunately she does not freak out with small things like this.
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    Pulled a Dumb One

    Public Service Announcement......Safety, Safety, Safety..... Decided it was time to sharpen the blades on the finish mower. I have a spare set so it was more of a swap with sharp for dull. Took all the normal precautions, jack stands under mower and gloves. Finished and removed my gloves then...
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    Kubota Z 125s Zero turn mower power surge governor hunting issues

    I had the welch plugs come off my carburetor on my Husqvarna with the 23.5hp Kawasaki engine around 100 hours and experienced the same issues you are describing. Purchased new ones on amazon for a couple of bucks. Replaced them and added a little nail polish to help keep them in place. No...
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    Last Day!

    Congratulations, retirement is great for those of us fortunate to have projects and things to keep us busy and out of trouble. I retired at the beginning of 2024 and have not missed a beat. Have been busy with projects, a little more boat time and am learning to pace the projects to say this...
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    Lawn Vac for BX

    I have used an old DR Vac for years in the fall behind my lawn tractor and more recently behind my zero turn. It works well but can plug the hose from time to time and it is a pain to unclog. I would consider a cyclone rake if the soft side issues have been resolved. My DR has hard sides and...
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    R4 Industrial Tires - Titan vs Carlisle?

    I tend to avoid Carlisle tires (made in China) as I had horrible experiences with them on trailers. I have Titans on my Kubota I agree with others and would check with a truck tire company. I have had great experience with McCarthy Tire here in Virginia where I had to replace a few tires on...
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    Well the season is underway

    The dang coyotes have reduced my whistle pig population to near zero these days so I have turned my 25-06 and 22 mag on them. Those fellas seem to go right to sleep after that loud crack. :cool:
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    Safety recall on my Z726XKW-3-60

    I found this online a few minutes ago as I wanted to see if my old 2017 Kawasaki on my Husqvarna Zt was effected. It seems only the 2023 models are impacted at this time. "The recalled engines are model year 2023 FR730V, FR691V, and FR651V. The engine model and serial number are located on the...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Moving a bit of dirt again today as well as cutting the back field. Then it happened, oh well time for the next round of maintenance. I already have the filters and fluids on hand.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    A little bit of gravel and I can finally get to the back of the property without driving all the way around the outer edge. 2 - 12 inch drains to handle the rain and run off. The Kubota moved a fair amount of dirt for this one.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Hah, I know it's not orange. I let the Kubota rest in the shed today after moving a bunch of dirt and rocks yesterday filling in around some 12 inch drainage pipe so I can cross a wet weather drainage area. Today I woke up the ole Ford, changed the fuel filter, changed the oil and filter and...
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    The Eclipse

    I made it home today from my trip and can say my trip was none of the hype that the media had projected. We were in a rural area of New York on Lake Erie and the local restaurants and wineries had signs $20 for parking etc. It was a a bit cloudier than we hoped but still got the full...